Aarp Homeowners Insurance – a Brief Overview

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The AARP homeowners insurance program is provided by The Hartford Financial Services Group. The Hartford Financial Services Group was founded in 1810 and has had a partnership with the AARP providing auto insurance and homeowners insurance since 1984. This partnership is currently in its third extension and will continue through at least January 2020.

The AARP homeowners insurance program offers some good benefits. They have a 100% protection plan available which insures your home for 100% of its replacement cost. According to their website, if this option is selected they will “pay the full cost to rebuild even if it costs up to 150% of the applicable limits of your policy.”

Another good benefit that they offer is their “Protector Plus Homeowners Deductible Forgiveness”. With this benefit they will wave up to $5,000 of your deductible if you experience a qualifying loss of $20,000 or more.

For the protection of your personal possessions they have what they call a “new for old” plan in which they pay the actual cost to replace possessions with brand-new items. This is a good option to have because if your possessions are several years old the cash value would be far less than that of brand new items.

One thing that I don’t really like too much about their coverage is that personal property is only covered up to $5,000. You can get more coverage than that if he needed but of course you have to pay extra. And let’s face it if your house burned to the ground and you needed to replace all of your possessions, things like your furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. it would probably cost far more than $5,000 to replace all of those items.

All in all the AARP Homeowners Insurance Program looks pretty good to me but I always recommend doing your homework and talking to trusted financial professionals before committing to any important financial decisions.

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