A Non Profit Org Affinity Fundraising Program can Bring Great Benefits to Members & Supporters Too

As a Non Profit Organization, maintaining a revenue stream in the face of a difficult economy is a constant challenge. With shifts in the economy having severe impacts on operating budgets, many Non Profits are actively seeking alternative sources of revenue to support their operations.

In their search for new streams of revenue, many Non Profit Organizations are now joining forces with the business sector.

There are many opportunities that can be explored, but the most common remains Credit Card Affinity programs.

However, with a little research, a whole range of different affinity programs can be revealed, many of which can bring far greater benefits to the non-profit sector than credit cards, so it’s well worth while investigating what’s out there.

Unlike one-off fundraising events, the greatest benefit most affinity programs offer is residual income; a recurring monthly revenue stream that can quickly build into a significant revenue source.

The most important factor to consider when looking for an affinity program that will work for any organization is identifying a service or product that your members and supporters want, and more importantly need, and that can be provided at a price they can afford.

One such product or service is dental care. It’s worth taking a quick look at an overview of the oral healthcare marketplace to help illustrate why a dental affinity program can be so helpful to a non profit organization, its members and its supporters.

Why is a dental program a win-win-win situation?

1 Seven out of ten Americans have no dental benefits

2 Dental plans are the second most requested benefit after healthcare – unfortunately most dental programs are prohibitively expensive

3 Because of the high cost of dental care, many individuals and their families are choosing to do without

4 A dental affinity program allows a non profit organization to provide its members and supporters with a dental plan they can afford, plus it provides the organization itself with a solid form of fundraising

How is a Non Profit Organization able to offer affordable dental plans?

As more and more employers have removed dental coverage from employee benefit packages, people have gone in search of alternative dental plans.

With individual dental insurance so expensive and restrictive, more than ten million Americans have already chosen Dental Discount Plans as that alternative.

Dental Discount Plans provide members with discounted oral healthcare. While savings can be as great as 70%, other advantages include no waiting periods, no caps or co-pays and best of all, low monthly membership fees that are typically less than $10!

As more and more Americans discover dental discount plans the number of people using them is set to double or maybe even triple over the next few years.

Awareness is the key, the majority of Americans are still not familiar with dental discount plans and that is why a dental affinity program can be such a powerful fundraising medium for any non profit organization.

How does a Dental Discount Affinity program work?

Non Profit Organizations are provided with an Affinity Affiliate Website to where members and supporters can be directed; on the affinity website they can gather full information on the dental plan, including a provider search, full schedule of fees for their State and of course membership pricing and the ability to join the plan.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is!

There are a few different ways a Non Profit can direct members and supporters to their Affinity website. The two most popular are:

1 A link on their main website. (It should be noted that the website needs to receive a reasonable volume of visitors for this link to generate a meaningful source of funds)

2 A reference to and if possible a hyper-link to the Affinity Site in regular newsletters.

Other common ways to raise awareness are of course word of mouth, flyers, press releases and advertising.

Links to a Dental Affinity Affiliate Website can be posted just about anywhere and still gain a good number of click-throughs. This is because the vast majority of Americans have more than a passing interest in affordable dental care, so if they see a link that advertises big discounts on oral healthcare, they are inclined to click on it to find out more.

Once they arrive on the Affinity Website, they can find out everything they need to know about the plan, then, if they choose to, they can subscribe to a membership.

It is a very smooth and easy process for any Non Profit Organization, their members and their supporters.

As a Non Profit Organization, if you are considering using an Affinity Dental Discount Plan as a medium for raising funds, there are a few important things to look out for before deciding which company to go with:

1 Make sure the plan provider provides a full fee schedule of dental procedure costs on a State by State basis. (Fees vary from State to State so it is not wise to base any decision on national average prices.)

2 Review the plan’s provider list to ensure there are adequate numbers of dental providers in areas where your members and supporters are located. (Ideally you should try to stay with plans that have at least 50,000 providers nation wide.)

3 Review the membership pricing. As a guideline, individual memberships should not cost more than $9 per month, memberships for two should be below $15 per month and household memberships should not exceed $20 per month.


With respect to fundraising, it is difficult to find anything more suitable for a Non Profit Organization than a Dental Affinity Affiliate Program.

It can be set up, without incurring any costs either up front or in the future, literally, in less than an hour, and carries no ongoing workload for employees or volunteers.

From the organization’s point of view, it can create a sustainable residual income stream that can help support day to day operations.

From the members and supporters viewpoint, it can provide them with valuable information on how they too can join more than 10 million Americans that are already enjoying saving of up to 70% on their dental care!

It really is a win-win situation

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