5 Don’ts for Surveillance. Avoid these five things as a Private Investigator.

Here are five tips on things to avoid when you do surveillance on a cheating spouse, workers compensation case, insurance fraud, bounty hunter, repo or any case where you actually have to go out into the real world!

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22 Replies to “5 Don’ts for Surveillance. Avoid these five things as a Private Investigator.”

  1. It would be nice if you did more vídeos about surveillance. Would be a good idea to hear some tips about that critical moment where we have to change quick from motorized surveillance to on foot surveillance, and vice-versa. That's a difficult moment in my opinion because we may not know where the subject is going on foot, and sometimes he may get to a car for example, and your surveillance vehicle is so far you can not reach it in time.

    Thanks for sharing info Larry. I am relatively new in this bussiness and i am actually using your tips in my day to day. Greetings from Brazil.

  2. Add one more don't.  Don't go snooping around on their property.  I would like to think this should be the first thing to know about safety because lets just say that some people are not very friendly and would label you as a burglar or intruder and may even become violent toward you.  If you want to get closer to them try it in places like the store where they might be likely to lift something heavy but under NO circumstances what so ever snoop around on their property to see if they are home because it is likely they are home knowing you might film them if they go into a public place.  They have every right to force you to leave their property and they might even be mean and grouchy.

    Keep it on the street and no where too close to their driveway, if they start having trouble getting out of the driveway because there is a vehicle there that should not be they will start to remember that,  Make no mistake, they want to use their driveway and not only have it open at ALL times but they will become annoyed if you are near it too many times.

  3. Hey Larry…I've recently had a couple instances where I've lost a subject, and then found their vehicle at a local store. I went in to get covert video but was unable to find them after 10 mins of searching or so only to come out to find their vehicle gone. It would've been better to just sit on the vehicle and wait for the next stop for covert. Also, if you feel compelled to go in..do a sweep of the checkouts first. Take care.

  4. running your car is a must in the south, inside temps can reach 200 degrees,when off, you are already watching , you just shut it off for dog walkers and joggers , you should be far enough away that its non issue.

  5. Please read. A quick tip to all PIs and would be PIs the one thing I would have to beg to differ on is the air conditioning thing. I hear what he is getting at but depending on where you live it may be impossible practically IF you only have one person or are a one man business. If you live in places that are far south or north or somewhere like Nevada you can literally DIE if you don't have ac or heat going. In these instances while you may get burned turning on the car no case is worth your life or safety. Its really not. If its a long or extended stake out you need a 2 man team or more. Most of what Larry says I agree with but he is simply wrong here. Do NOT let a company or your boss tell you that you can't run ac or heat. Either get a car that runs quietly or more than one person to help with the stake out. If they cant do that then its really not your problem.

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