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Allstate Homeowners Insurance is designed for the type of home you own and the lifestyle you enjoy. Plus, Allstate has optional features to offer you protection when you need it and rewards when you don’t.
Claim RateGuard from Allstate helps keep your rate from going up just because of a claim.
Claim-Free Rewards from Allstate gives you an extra discount for switching to Allstate Claim-Free and bonus savings every year you stay that way.

5 thoughts on “360 Home Protection | Allstate Home Insurance

  1. Edward Strain

    Have had Allstate for 15 plus years, Had a major snow storm in 2013 here in Michigan, roof is leaking and on the brink of falling in, Allstate claims since there's no visible holes in roof they can't do anything. Since wife and I don't have the $ 10,000 dollars to repair roof I guess we will let it fall in on top of us.

  2. Carona Nigma

    i've never had home insurance before, but when i get my own place, i'll consider alstate!
    after watching this commercial, i feel fright knowing that during a storm, a tree branch will attack my attic and steal all the heat.
    glad to know that you guys are around to protect us homeowners!


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