30 Yr. Old Couple Payoff Their 30 Year Mortgage in Just 6 1/2 Years!!!

Michael and Beth Rosenblum Paid Off Their 30 Year Mortgage In Just 6 1/2 Years! Without Refinancing, Without Changing Their Payments, and With No Increase To Their Monthly Budget!!

Michael, a Real Estate Agent, and Beth, a Teacher, Are Using A Proven Technology That Is The Most Powerful Money Management, Wealth Building, And Debt Elimination System Ever Created!!!

With the PILL Method You Too… Can Live And Enhanced Lifestyle, Grow A Large Emergency Fund, Cut Your Interest Costs By 75% And Eliminate All Your Debt, Including Your Mortgage And Student Loans, In An Average Of 8 To 12 Years By Optimizing Your CURRENT Budget!

The PILL Method is EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY! Here is the technology!!

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38 Replies to “30 Yr. Old Couple Payoff Their 30 Year Mortgage in Just 6 1/2 Years!!!”

  1. so if you have a 30 year mortgage and you want to refinance With Bank of America.
    the new rate would be I guess 2.64% down from 3.64% , what would be my closing cost

    would there be any closing cost?

    This is What I meant that Mortgage are hard to understand?

  2. to lower your monthly bill.

    so you finished paying your Mortgage in 6.5 years, so obviously you took your money out of your savings, money market or mutal funds to pay off your Mortgage, so now you have less money in your savings or money market that can be earning interest correct?

    so when you need to buy cars for you and your wife will you have in your savings, Mutual funds or Money Market over the course of the years? will you have enough money? I realize you don't buy cars every day, what I mean when you buy cars for you and your wife will you have enough money in your savings, Mutual funds or savings now that you paid your Mortgage off in 6.5 years?

  3. let's say my remainder just using numbers is 45,000 and I don't have that in cash anywhere except my investments. so how would I pay for this?

    I work for social services so we don't get paid that much.

    you can show me how .

  4. Hey Michael your way ahead of me when it comes to Mortgages . I still have one
    plus the Td checking account I have the Premiere checking account NOT the convient checking . no online checking account.

    I still think Mortgage's are hard to understand .

  5. Thanks for the information! You two are very inspiring and I admire your teamwork.  My husband and I have a remaining mortgage on our house, which is 167k. We want it to be paid off in 5 years by paying extra just before the anniversary payment ends every year, our bi-weekly payments will remain the same though.  Is there any better idea than this?  Thank you!

  6. So are you wanting me to pay you to tell me home much to I should pay toward a mortgage ? Shouldn't it just be any and all extra $$ available? And what's with the specific time to make a principal payment? Isn't sooner better than later ?

  7. Spoiler alert! You don't need to pay for this program just do it yourself. Set up more money every month going into your loan principle you can track this for free from your mortgage company. Also refinance isn't always the best option when the mortgage company gets huge closing costs, taxes and other fees. A lot of time your better taking that money and putting it toward your principal. Your best free resource is your current mortgage company just call and ask questions have a list of what to ask them. Don't pay for this or any other program use that money toward your principle.

  8. how can I get help on this? I am very interested in paying off my mortgage faster. I just don't understand none of this and keep getting different answers from people.

  9. So what if I pay for the deposit and it's a four bedroom place? I want to either let friends or appropriate candidates live there and pay me their monthly rent I set for them, this in turn would pay my mortgage without me putting most of my money to it. Please correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like the best way. You would be rent free because they are paying for it. I'm 17 from London so it is a bit expensive and I'm too young right now. I'm working to towards becoming a structural engineer so it is a reliable job.

  10. True but you get a huge tax deduction on mortgage interest. Now if you have a big enough income to deduct then I think debt can be a good thing and you can use the cash for something else.

  11. this is great but not for everyone. It is good if you don't have any other purpose to do anything with the money then put the money in the mortgage. There is a course that is offered in college is called Personal Finance and it is taught in that course. The best course evenr. Not many student or their parents care to take that class.

  12. If you are in Australia and are paying off your mortgage monthly ring your bank and ask them how many years will be saved if you switch to weekly. You will always reduce your loan term and therefore interest by paying weekly. If you can then add a little extra to your loan each week or have an offset account you will save further interest. There is no need to see a lengthy vague staged video to understand this very simple concept. Nor does it require a verbose explaination. Use loan repayment calculators and see how much you can save. I paid my 30 year home loan in 9 years by paying weekly and addlng any additional funds to my loan. Between my husband and I we earn $130k before tax. Ppl said to me "why don't you put the money in an interest bearing account? " My response is that I will be taxed when I earn interest not when I save interest. All the best to those who take the plunge you can never go wrong with property. Even if the value of your asset falls the return will not fall as much. * Australian example provided *

  13. Uhhhhhhhhh you should never try to payoff a 4 percent loan ( current rate). They could have taken that money and gotten a better return. When you take out a 4 percent loan and you aggressively try to pay it off, it's like avoiding a 4 percent loss so if you can get a better return than 4 percent then you are hurting yourself because you could make a lot more. Keep your loan when buying money is cheap. #OpportunityCost.

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