3 Simple Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage

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Check out these really simple strategies that you can use right this very mortgage to pay your mortgage off at a much faster pace than the traditional 30 year approach.



33 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage

  1. Jameen Adams

    My husband and I are doing 2 of the 3 and I can tell you the equity builds much faster as you pay down your mortgage. I will implement the rounding up strategy with our January payment. Thanks so very much for the tip..Be Blessed!

  2. MsSassyMT

    I think hubby is right. Most guys with short hair cuts go every week. LOL, yes, he has to stay fresh.  Thank you for these options. I hadn't heard of the round-up method or the extra $100.

  3. Parker House Rules

    You guys are awesome! We have one credit card left and then will be attacking our mortgage! It amazes me that people can't find that extra money to pay off debt yet they go out to eat every night! 

  4. Mix It Up Erin

    I've been binge watching your videos today. As a military wife, who has stayed home most of our marriage, this one really hit home and I had to comment. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It's sad when I realize how many financial mistakes I've made over the years. I would say him too, but I gotta just take responsibility for me..lol. I shared one of your videos on my personal facebook page to spread the $130 cutting 13 years mortgage knowledge to my family and friends. Longest comment ever, but really truly….Thanks again!

  5. sammiann09

    Wow! We are touched by your videos! We're a young newlywed couple trying to start the best financial habits possible! We just started our debt snowball and can't wait to get to this point of it! Wok be calling the bank Monday to do the bi weekly payments! 

  6. Afua Acquah

    I m a single mother first time home buyer moving into my new home at the end of the month. I m sooooo bent on learning all the ways there is to pay off my mortgage faster. your videos has enlightened me a lot. I hope and pray that I will become a success story in this journey with both of u. Thank u

  7. Regina Arnold

    After watching your videos about mortgage payments back in July 2015. I immediately called my bank to see if they offered the payment bi weekly option and they did ( for free). So in August I began implementing your idea and I (we meaning my husband and I ) love it. I don't have to think about paying it and it forces me to be more accountable about our money. You guys are a blessing!!! Thank you so much and keep the videos coming!!!! Love you both!!!

  8. twstalder

    I've made the mistake of always buying a new car. Now that my car is paid off. I take 1/3 of my old payment for my future used car fund. The other 2/3 I throw at the mortgage.

  9. Tired mum

    We are overpaying too. I hate paying the banks interest and in the uk we get no tax relief. So far we feel no different and if I carry on at this rate I'll be mortgage free within ten years.

  10. Mai D.

    I love these strategies. I paid my husband car payment weekly and i notice more $$ goes into the principal than interest. but before when i pay 1 lump sum and notice that more of the payment is going toward the intereste. I don't understand numbers but i notice this works so i implement this to my student loans :D

  11. The Osburns

    We already round our mortgage up and we were wondering if we make the 100 a month principle pmt how much faster would that pay a 30 yr mortgage we are also going to send in the extra pmt once a year

  12. Keep It Simple

    You two crack me up! I really enjoy your humor. Fun! Tai, thank you for the idea of paying 1/12 of your mortgage every month, or rather saving it til the end of the year. I will do that and just pay it monthly, instead of at the end. Thank you two for all you do!

  13. Laura D

    Have you guys got a timeframe in mind to pay off your mortgage? I wanted to pay our mortgage off in 8 years but after doing our budget, we realised it'll take 10 years at our current overpayment rate which is a little disheartening.

  14. Reynelle

    We're on operation mortgage elimination as well!!! We just finished paying off our debt (baby step 3), so now doing babysteps 4, 5, & 6 all together!! More pay off the mortgage videos please!!!

  15. Gold-In Melanin

    I just want to say this is the first time Im viewing you guys and you two are amazing and are a great inspiration! Its always encouraging to see people living life like it's golden because it is, but especially my black brothers and sisters!

  16. Manglesideaa44

    I just love you guys!! I recently found you because my husband and I are dick of debt and not being able to be free with money as we would like!! I love your ideas and videos and think you guys are amazing at everything you do for all of us suffering from debt. It's also nice to know that you are an average couple not making millions and you are out of debt and now paying down your mortgage!! You guys rock!! Sincerely, Melissa and Jonathan


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