What Iowans Need to Know About Trump's Latest Health Sabotage


Contributed by Matt Sinovic Progress Iowa:

This week the Trump administration released The budget for the 2020 budget includes a call for the abolition of the Affordable Care Act and massive cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and the Ministry of Health and Human Services. The administration's budget shows how steadfast it is to take away American medical care.

Here are five things you need to know about the budget of Trump Health Care Sabotage:

  1. President Trump's household is fueling the failed Graham Cassidy law to lift the bill, which would lift Medicaid's expansion.

By switching to a block grant program and eliminating funding for the expansion of Medicaid, the administration would limit Medicaid more than a trillion dollars over 10 years.

2. The budget would impose enormous work requirements on Medicaid members nationwide, which is estimated to result in up to 4 million people losing cover.

These unprecedented move It would change Medicaid as we know it, and nationwide, employees will have to meet extensive work and reporting requirements to maintain their Medicaid coverage. The Kaiser Family Foundation has valued A Medicaid national work requirement would result in up to 4 million people losing cover, most of them due to paperwork and bureaucracy.

3. The president's budget could impose premiums on up to 4.2 million uninsured low-income individuals who are currently eligible for a plan requiring a premium of $ 0.

As Mary Ellen McIntire of CQ reports:

"The budget suggests that all eligible interchanges have something to cover, meaning that people currently paying 0 USD premiums will have to make some sort of payment. Emperor found that 4.2 million could be uninsured. "

4. The President reduces HHS's operating costs by 12 percent.

Trump's budget would cut funding for the Department of Health and Human Services, which is responsible for managing the Affordable Care Act, by 12 percent. As Politico reports'The budget request' assumes that Congress will be able to lift and replace Obamacare '.

5. The budget proposes to reduce Medicare's $ 800 billion over a decade. Despite always promising In order not to cut Medicare, President Trump's budget would be roughly cut 10 percent Funded by Medicare over the next decade to cut taxes on insurance and large

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