The Artemis Courtage mark decodes the reforms related to the funding of independent SCPIs

Market leader in France in the area of ​​credit brokerage, Artemis brokerage is looking for the latest news related to the financing of self-employed loans. The company is deciphering the impact of the end of the mortgage on the financing of REITs, civil real estate investment companies and the procedures by which it is to be replaced, especially as it is the main financier of this type of investment.

What are the possible solutions to finding funding for Artemis Courtage?

If the problem does not arise for financial institutions that have their own SCPIs because they can finance the necessary funds, the abolition of the mortgage will penalize the independent investment companies, which are increasingly in demand by the French.

In fact, some banks can intervene to resolve this limitation, but require considerable guarantees. This solution remains temporary and we need to think about the sustainability of financing solutions to respect a specific equity.

For Ludovic Houzieux, deputy director of Artemis Courtage, financing banks for their own SCPI is not an optimal solution to this new reform: " Of course, there are still a handful of local banks whose funding they have only approved for a small number of files, and in particular for how long. ".

He pointed out that banks provide fairly rigid conditions that could hinder the borrower as his own principal place of residence in order to benefit from financing that could replace the contribution of the real estate loan.

Patrick Rucart

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