Boeing Max Grounding can make itself felt in travel insurance claims

The priming of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft is likely to increase travel insurance claims, InsureMyTrip said in a press release.

"This is a very rare event and we expect that travelers affected by it will claim to check for travel insurance," said Gail Mangiante, advocate for the Anytime Advocates program at InsureMyTrip, an in-flight insurance company Warwick based travel insurance broker, Rhode Island.

President Donald Trump ordered Wednesday that the jets had landed in the United States after two Boeing 737 Max 8 jets crashed less than six months apart. According to the Associated Press, more than 40 countries have brought or banned the aircraft into their airspace.

InsureMyTrip said whether consumers are actually insured for canceled flights depends on the insurance policies of their insurance carriers.

Travelers stranded at airports may be charged for meals and accommodation caused by canceled or delayed flights. Policyholders may be entitled to reimbursement of part of their prepaid travel expenses if they miss more than 50% of their travel due to the reasons, but this depends on the insurance policy and the insurers' response. A missed connecting flight may trigger coverage if the policy includes a general delay clause.

Consumers who cancel a trip for fear of travel may have coverage if they purchase a policy with a cancellation for any reason.

InsureMyTrip said the flight cancellation conditions vary depending on the airline and circumstances. When an airline cancels a flight, most people try to rebook passengers for the next available flight.

Airlines do not have to reimburse passengers for losses incurred as a result of a canceled flight.

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