After breaking the water pipe, 71,000 liters of water were pumped out of the cellar


ON water pipe in Saskatoon Mayfair The neighborhood collapsed on Thursday afternoon and caused damage to several homes, including a house where the basement was completely under water and 71,000 liters of water had to be pumped out.

"(Our) initial assessment was not very good because water flowed out the windows in the basement, over the foundations and out the doors. The city tried to divert the water to the village, but at that time had problems with freezing, "said the disaster technician Waneta Goldstein.

"The basement is badly damaged, it was full to the ceiling," she added.

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City of Saskatoon Repair teams were at the block Friday, what they could to repair the damage. According to the city, the main water pipeline in the area dates back to 1956. However, this is the second time that it has not worked since the installation.

"In general, water losses are covered by insurance. A home water leak that comes from outside the home would still be covered by homeowner's insurance, as long as the building is not empty, under construction, or as long as there is coverage, "said insurance broker Bill Schwandt.

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In this case, the home was not empty. An 83-year-old woman lived alone in the house.

According to one family member, she was up in the house and did not know that her cellar was filled with water. A passing neighbor noticed the water, ran to the house and let the owner know that water ran out of their basement.

"She was very desperate," Goldstein said.

"She felt that everything was taken from her, and she was really shocked."

Although flooding, or as it is known from the insurance point of view as "water leakage", is a common occurrence for insurance brokers with whom they deal annually, one of these magnitudes is rare.

"The big ones, I'd say, in a broker like ours, we'd probably see six or seven, well over $ 100,000," Schwandt said.

"Insurance companies in recent years in Saskatchewan and Alberta have been paying more for claims than premiums. So if you think it will never happen to you, think again. It does not happen to everyone, but it happens to most people at some point, "he continued.

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