Brexit: On the stock exchange, alertness is required for savers


The Brexit shift allows investors a more orderly divorce. However, in the event of an exit, British equities will no longer be eligible for PEA.

By Marjorie Cessac Posted today at 06:00

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Given the uncertainty surrounding Brexit conditions, financial professionals can only over-recommend private investors in the UK market. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP

Report back to step? The drama surrounding Brexit has seen some twists this week. After the British Prime Minister rejected the agreement reached by Theresa May in Brussels, MEPs narrowly missed the scenario of leaving the European Union. However, there is definitely nothing that will put the scholars in uncertainty, a situation they hate.

At the moment, Britain had no extra time to organize his release. An additional period would have been "Perceived as a factor that increases the likelihood of an organized trip, three additional months of negotiation", explains William De Vijlder, chief economist at BNP Paribas. From this perspective, which is less dramatic than an exit without agreement, the pound sterling has recovered in recent weeks from its high against the euro and has reached its highest level since summer 2017 (almost 1%). February 28 at 0.58 pounds for 1 euro).

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For its part, the London Stock Exchange had expected a shift before the last votes of the British Parliament. A stabilization that could encourage savers to be interested in British values? When a shift was final "We should work towards a more constructive vision According to Patrice Gautry, chief economist of the UBP, The pound should continue to grow and investment flows should recover, especially with more domestic stocks. ", In his opinion, companies such as Experian, Just Do It, Pearson, Smiths Group or Aviva, which derive their revenues from the local economy, should benefit from a recovery in activity in times of crisis.

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The less brave will prefer more international British equities – Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Diageo, Compass, WPP and others – who will always mechanically improve their results as the pound falls further.

The brutality of the economic shock could be comparable to the 2008-2009 recession

It remains to be seen if there will be a delay in judder, which will be its duration. "If the deadline is three months, we have more visibility until May-June. sums up Tangi Le Liboux, equity strategist at Aurel BGC. In the immediate future, it is still too early to panic. There is no driving force in the markets because nobody knows what to think. Given the political risk, it makes no sense to sell immediately. "