Bramnick: Let doctors decide, not insurance companies

Jon Bramnick, Chairman of the Minority Assembly, has passed a bill that should prevent insurance companies from overriding the doctors' decisions. Bramnick's bill would end the pre-approval process for tests, treatments and prescriptions normally covered by health insurers.

The battle that many insurers face today is very different from what they used to be, Bramnick noted. It was once considered a standard procedure to be seen by a doctor, then prescribed a necessary treatment or medication, he offered. Today, patients are facing a long and tedious process, supervised by insurance companies, to determine if such treatments should be paid, Bramnick said.

Bramnick, whose bill is battled by an employee fighting stage 4 cancer, suggests that those in need of life-saving health examinations do not require prior approval. Bramnick said it was just the beginning of a much-needed review of insurance policies. His legislation would help thousands of other patients forced to wait for sinister screenings, some of which are rejected, he said. Now even medical professionals are fighting for approvals that could take months to obtain, Bramnick said.

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"This woman is now facing a major problem, not just because of the chemo, but because she wants an MRI scan, which would take weeks to get approved by the insurance company, and she would not even know if the chemo works," said Bramnick. In the meantime, when several doctors prescribed antibiotics for the employees' infections, she was rejected twice, a person who has late-stage cancer and struggles with companies when every single doctor she's seen says that she needs this treatment. "

Bramnick added, "We have both sides of the aisle to beat on it, and now we have two parties that are both parties, and Phil Murphy says he is for the people and the middle class, that's what we're talking about. It's a mid-night nightmare, so if he's up for it, we can move the bill forward. "

Bramnick's message is: let your doctor decide on your healthcare, not your insurance company.

The bill will now be referred to the committee.