Is it time to rethink your flood insurance?

LENOIR CITY, Tennessee (WVLT) – Many areas of eastern Tennessee are in recovery mode after the late February floods. So, what's next?
Ciaron Fitzgerald owns two Meineke Car Care stores. One is in Knoxville and the other in Lenoir City. He did not take out flood insurance on his Knoxville site.
WVLT News met Fitzgerald at his site in Lenoir City.
"This one does not have flood insurance, which is interesting because it has been lightly flooded, no damage or anything very light," said Ciaron Fitzgerald, owner of Meineke Car Care.
When the water rose near his Knoxville store, he felt relieved to have insurance.
"We were looking at the situation, we have put insurance in place for that, it would be convenient, but we can be covered," Fitzgerald said.
Its location in Knoxville is in a flood plain, so it has insurance. Fortunately, he did not need it here.
"It was not flooded, but it came very close, maybe a foot," Fitzgerald said.
His insurance company said that few people were buying flood insurance even after the bad weather we have just experienced.
The owner of the ARI agency, Melinda Brooks, said that people might want to rethink.

"We want to make sure everyone knows the potential in this area because we are seeing it now," said Melinda Brooks, owner of the ARI agency. "We have evidence."
Brooks said that about 20 of its 1,000 customers were receiving new quotes, even after noticing the damage caused by the floods.
"We are aiming for only 1%, perhaps, who are concerned about the problem, unless they are directly affected," Brooks said.
As for Fitzgerald, he is thinking of reworking his insurance plan.
"It's a definite cost, but the cost of insurance is nothing if you're trying to replace a building or equipment," Fitzgerald said. "I have several hundred thousand dollars of equipment here, to replace that, you simply can not restart."
Brooks said that flood insurance could cost you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a year. It depends on your home or business and whether you are in a floodplain or not.