Ten effective ways to help lower car insurance


LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2019 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Carinsurancehints.com has released a new blog post containing several tips that will allow motorists to get cheaper car insurance

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Drivers should understand that many weighting factors are under their control. Clever decisions will give you better prices. Insurance companies recommend the following:

  • Bundle guidelines. Policyholders who combine a car insurance with a homeowner, tenant or life insurance, receive a significant discount. The value of the discount varies depending on the forwarder.
  • Buy a plan for multiple vehicles. If all owned vehicles are in the same contract, drivers can receive better rewards than insuring them individually. The discount increases with the number of insured vehicles.
  • Adjust deductibles. If you increase the deductibles, the drivers get better coverage. Make sure that the deductibles are set to a maximum amount that can be paid at any time.
  • Full coverage for older cars. If the car is older than 10 years, the owner will pay too much for full coverage. The value of a car usually decreases with time.
  • Keep a clean driving record. Avoiding traffic violations and accidents is a good way to keep premiums under control. Look for ways to eliminate older traffic violations. Insurance companies offer bonuses without compensation for each year in which the driver has not committed an accident or has committed any accidents.
  • Drive a safe car. A car with a good safety rating is easier and cheaper to insure. Look for annual crash test ratings and NHTSA safety ratings.
  • Install additional security and anti-theft devices. This will improve the safety assessment and significantly reduce premiums for comprehensive car insurance. It also helps police officers find the stolen cars.
  • Sign up for a defensive driving course. Insurance companies can offer or suggest a defensive driving course. The customer will improve his driving skills and receive a discount.
  • Check the insurance market regularly. It is recommended to obtain a car insurance policy at least once every 6 months and to check the average premium cost. Permanent knowledge of average costs helps drivers avoid overpayments. Some insurance companies practice a marketing tactic called "price optimization".
  • Pay the whole amount. This will help the insurance company to get rid of some administrative costs and will provide cheaper premiums.

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