FBL Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: FFG): 4 days before the ex-dividend date


Investors approved by the FBL Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: FFG) The $ 1.98 per share dividend will only have four days left to acquire the shares ahead of their ex-dividend date, March 14, 2019, in time for the dividends payable on March 29, 2019.
What does this mean for current shareholders and potential investors? Below, I'll explain how holding FBL Financial Group can affect your earnings stream from your portfolio by analyzing the latest financial data and the stock's dividend attributes.

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How do I analyze a dividend share?

When looking for a dividend share, I always follow the following criteria:

  • Is their annual return among the top 25% of dividend payers?

  • Was its dividend stable in the past (ie no missed payments or significant reductions in dividends)?

  • Has the dividend per share increased in recent years?

  • Is the result sufficient to pay the dividend at the current interest rate?

  • Will it be able to continue paying dividends?

NYSE: Historic dividend yield of the FFG, March 9, 2019

How is the FBL Financial Group?

The company currently pays 49% of its income as a dividend, after the trailing 12-month data.
which means that the dividend is covered by the result.
In addition, analysts have not forecasted a dividend per share for the future, which makes it difficult to determine the return that shareholders should expect and whether the current distribution is sustainable.

If you want to delve deeper into the sustainability of a given payout ratio, You may want to consider the cash flow of the business,
A company with a strong cash flow relative to earnings can sometimes maintain a high payout ratio.

Reliability is an important factor in dividend stocks, especially for income investors who want a strong balance of payments and a positive outlook for future payouts.
While per share payouts have increased over the last 10 years, there have been some difficulties.
Investors have seen a decline in the dividend per share in the past, but it has recovered.

Compared to colleagues,
FBL Financial Group
generates one
Yield of 5.0%
which is high for the insurance

Next Steps:

In light of these dividend metrics, I definitely represent FBL Financial Group as a strong earnings stock, and is worth a further investigation for anyone who views dividends as an important part of their portfolio strategy.
Since this is a pure dividend analysis,
I urge potential investors to try to be comfortable with the underlying company and its fundamentals before deciding on an investment.
There are
You should
look at:

  1. future prospects: What do sound industry analysts predict for the future growth of FFG? Take a look at ours free research report of the analyst consensus for the prospects of the FFG.
  2. rating: What is the FFG worth today? Even if the stock is a cash cow, it is not worth an infinite price. The Infographic with intrinsic value in our free research report helps to visualize whether FFG is currently being misjudged by the market.
  3. Other dividend rock stars: Are there better dividend payers with stronger fundamentals? Take a look at ours free list of these great stocks here,

We want to offer you a long-term focused research analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not reflect the latest price-sensitive corporate news or qualitative materials.

If you find a mistake that warrants a correction, please contact the publisher editorial-team@simplywallst.com, This item by Simply Wall St is generic in nature. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell stocks and does not consider your goals or financial condition. Simply Wall St has no position in the named shares. Thank you for reading.

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