New insurance models


A study for

  • Analyze and present properties important initiatives in France
  • Know the drivers of innovation : Technologies, customer expectations …
  • Understand strategies traditional actors and startups in innovation
  • Identify the winning models Learning successes and failures

Insurechs, more than a new form of competition in the insurance market

Technological developments, changing consumer habits and expectations, the emergence of new business areas and new forms of employment, etc.: There are many unrest in the insurance industry. For some years, new players have emerged, the assurtechs, who are trying to find a place to reshuffle the cards in the market.

+ with its corporate insurance broker, Alan and its 100% online health insurance, Wilov Auto Insurance Pay while driving or the "life companion" Lily Facilitates Life: These startups reinvent the mindset of insurance companies, their products, their distribution and, in a broader sense, the entire value chain. A disruptive potential of insurance companies that attracts investors: Fund raising for start-ups increased worldwide by an average of 36.5% between 2014 and 2017. In France, they rose from € 2 million to € 80 million over the same period.

Insurance companies are not the only ones trying to reinvent insurance

But traditional actors are not excluded. Surely not everyone has made the digital turn with the same speed and conviction. But many insurers, including in France, are among the leading companies in the renaming of insurance models. These companies use different types of devices to encourage the development of innovative ideas in them: active monitoring of the insurance industry, involvement in fundraising, hackathons, starting up startups, partnerships … We can cite the example of maif, especially with Working together in his Altima innovation laboratory, France is one of the pioneers of new models such as Insurance on Demand or Collaborative Insurance. Some players are testing the potential of the most disruptive technologies, such as Axa or MS Amlin, with automatic blockchain insurance for aircraft delays and marine insurance.

Take stock of several initiatives to better understand the insurance of tomorrow

There are many new models between the initiatives of insurance companies and insurers. It is important to categorize them to better understand what is happening in the insurance market today and to identify the main features of these innovative offerings and services, these new forms of distribution, and so forth. The observation of successes and failures in France and abroad can also give us indications of competitive and strategic developments in the coming years. What will be the winning models of tomorrow? Which strategies can insurers and insurance companies implement in order to gain a foothold in the market?

The "+" of the study

  • Identification of the most important drivers of innovation in the insurance market
  • The mapping of new services in France (insurance and insurance initiatives) and the analysis of their characteristics
  • The study of the winning strategies of market participants
  • An international perspective to project on the successful models of tomorrow.