Management: arbitration between European real estate companies


For the first-time subscription to the Bourse Direct Horizon Contract between January 22, 2019 and March 31, 2019, including an initial payment of at least 20% in uninsured units of account, The member can benefit from a welcome offer of choice:

  • a premium corresponding to the deposit (offer code: PRVIE19): 120 € for a first payment between 3000 € and 10 000 € or a premium of 170 € for a deposit of more than 10 000 €,
  • or on 500 € brokerage fees offered (Offer code: CTVIE19) on his account at Bourse Direct for a Deposit of 3000 € or more,

The premium (offer code: PRVIE19) is paid, within 3 months from the date of acceptance of the subscription by Bourse Direct and Generali Vie, to the external bank account specified during the membership process, if the contract is still in process at that time, and compliance with the terms of the offer on the date of payment of the premium.

The offer of reimbursed brokerage fees (Offer code: CTVIE19) can not be applied only to someone who has an account with Bourse Direct (Deposit account, PEA or PEA-PME). For 6 months after expiration of the 30-day Waiver Period (of the Bourse Direct Horizon Agreement) Brokerage fees for orders less than € 100,000 carried out with financial instruments listed on Euronext Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels (without UCITS, without financial contracts, without telephone charges, without CRD redemption fee, without presentation by SRD / ROR and without financial transactions) will be reimbursed within a maximum period of 2 months up to a maximum of € 500,

Offer valid for the first entry into the Bourse Direct Horizon Agreement, subject to receipt of a full membership file (all supporting documents requested in the file must be enclosed) by 31 March 2019 at the latest (Postmark or authentic electronic signature) of the chosen welcome offer (Offer code that is strictly communicated to Bourse Direct: PRVIE19 or CTVIE19) and acceptance of membership by Bourse Direct and Generali Vie, The offers (rewards or brokerage fees) are reserved for each recipient of the offer code provided for each of these offers. The first installment is part of the mandatory evidence of joining a Horizon Direct Exchange Agreement.

Bourse Direct reserves the right to refuse to sign the Bourse Horizon Direct Agreement and to exclude or exclude any person who fails to comply with the terms of the offer from participating in the transaction. Bourse Direct reserves the right to discontinue the offer at any time by providing advance information on its website The offer can not be combined with another offer.