Florida woman arrested in $ 68K Hurricane Irma Scam

A Florida woman has been arrested for alleged unauthorized practices of public adaptation and grand theft in connection with Hurricane Irma, according to a statement from the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Mary Bruce is accused of having stolen more than $ 68,000 in fraudulent insurance claims. This is Bruce's second arrest for insurance fraud this year. She was released from prison in January and was again arrested for various charges.

DFS researchers claim that Bruce approached homeowners whose house suffered damage to the roof and interior in September 2017 by Hurricane Irma. Bruce would have told the homeowners that they are an independent loss adjuster & # 39; was able to negotiate with insurance companies. Bruce required homeowners to pay $ 3,500 and sign a proxy. However, Bruce is not an authorized lawyer, public expert or general contractor.

Bruce subsequently submitted fraudulent cost estimates for roofing work to the insurance company. In total, she has submitted $ 68,000 in fraudulent insurance claims to the homeowner's insurance company.

Bruce was arrested and booked in Brevard County Prison and accused of providing services as an unrecognized public adjuster, as well as for wholesale theft. If he is convicted, Bruce is in prison for 10 years. Her previous arrest was on charges of unauthorized publicly adapting and filing false and fraudulent retention rights in Orange County.

"It continues to amaze me how long these scam artists will use to steal your hard-earned money," said CFO Jimmy Patronis, who oversees Florida DFS. "My detectives once caught this criminal and they have arrested her again, and I promise you this: if you commit insurance fraud, we will find you and go to jail."

Source: Florida Department of Financial Services

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