GEICO shakes the line-up of the board

GEICO shakes the line-up of the boardGEICO has made a number of noteworthy changes to the composition of the board of directors.

Both Pionne Corbin and Rick Hoagland were chosen on the board, said a release.

Corbin is a senior vice president who oversees GEICO's operations in Florida, the Southeast, the Midwest and centralized services. She is based in Lakeland, Florida, and started her career at GEICO in 1993 as a management trainee.

Hoagland is a senior vice president whose responsibilities include the management of operations in New York, New Jersey and New England; he also supervises the GEICO office in Indianapolis. Hoagland, based in Woodbury, New York, originally joined GEICO in 1994 as a representative of telephone claims.

In addition to adding two new members, the board of directors of GEICO has also selected three new officers: Yvonne Obeng-Curwood, as assistant VP of claims at the Houston office; Travis Cober, as assistant VP of claims at the Dallas office; and Rusty Ward, as assistant VP of underwriting and product management at the headquarters of GEICO in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Three agents within the board also take on new tasks as part of this shake-up. Greg Jacobi serves as an assistant VP of claims at the San Diego office, after previously serving as an assistant VP of underwriting; Tara Carthew is now assistant VP of claims on liability and personal injury in the Lakeland office – previously an assistant VP of claims in Houston; and Paul Measley is assistant VP of liability claims at GEICO headquarters, after his former role as assistant VP of claims in Dallas.

"Please congratulate me on these officials for their dedication and dedication and the excellent results they have achieved," said GEICO president and CEO Bill Roberts. "They are clearly ready to face these new challenges, and GEICO is really happy that such excellent employees are ready to fulfill these roles and keep us on our successful path."