A private transport company has announced its closure after an MMA hunter who was accused during two murders escaped from one of his vans this month while being escorted to a Texas prison.

Texas Prisoner Transportation Services told Bell County officials last week in an e-mail that it would begin to "complete its business affairs and stop its operations" on Sunday.

"Unfortunately, new insurance rates have forced us to evaluate our activities and concluded that we simply can not continue working", wrote CEO Ryan Whitten in an e-mail sent two days after Cedric Marks' escape and a multi-agency clique hunt caused.

The email that Ammy James, an assistant auditor for the Bell County Auditor Office, provided to The Associated Press, does not mention the fact that Mark loses from a van that had stopped at a McDonald's in the near Houston, February 3.

"We realize that this decision will be a burden for your transport activities for prisoners and that we will continue to place orders with TPTS at the time of transition and we will transfer you to alternative transport companies to meet your transport needs", wrote Whitten.

No one answered a phone call to the company's main telephone line on February 11, and a Whitten assistant did not respond to a phone message requesting clarification of the status of the business.

The company, based in Thrall, Texas, has not answered any questions about the escape, and the police have not explained how Marks managed to come loose while carrying leg, hand and abdominal exercises.

The 44-year-old middleweight hunter was arrested in Michigan last month for a break in Bell County, 70 miles north of Austin, and was extradited there when he escaped. He was recaptured after about nine hours and was imprisoned in Bell County for a bond of more than $ 1.75 million.

The same day he escaped, Marks was accused of murdering the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Jenna Scott, and her friend, Michael Swearingin. The couple had been missing in their home in Texas for over a week when their bodies were found in a shallow grave in Clearview, Oklahoma, on January 15.

Marks denied every role in his death and told TV station KPRC2 that he was not trying to escape the prison bus. He did not explain how he was released.

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