Survey: half of US households with broadband interested in additional insurance servicesA new White Paper from Parks Associates has determined that about 40-50% of US households with access to broadband internet and who have home and / or rent insurance are interested in additional insurance services.

The same study found that of the group that said they were interested in receiving additional insurance services, 35% said they were particularly interested in proactive communication of potential risks – which refers to the use of smart devices for home use or devices connected via the internet – things (IoT) to automatically detect risk situations and warn users in advance about the danger.

The Parks Associates study also showed that nearly half of those interested in additional insurance services indicated that the service they are most interested in is a restoration service that will repair their home after damage has been done.

"A restoration service that remediates damage is the most appealing service of insured households, but there is a strong interest in proactive services, made possible by smart home appliances and AI capabilities to detect and prevent risk situations," says Parks Associates Connected Home research director Brad Russell.

Russell also had a comment about how likely it is that customers will include offers for additional insurance services.

"Our research also shows a" halo effect "among insurers, where customers are more interested in additional services such as smart home solutions if they consider their insurers as & # 39; innovative, what a business can achieve by offering and promoting smart home solutions, "he explained.

Advances in technology provide new ways for customers to communicate with their insurers, and vice versa, Russell noted.

"Connected devices change the way consumers think about many traditional services and how they deal with their service providers," he noted. "These trends in consumer expectations, coupled with the wealth of data from IoT solutions, open up significant market opportunities for the insurance industry."