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As a photographer, you will know that you are investing a lot of money in your kit and that you are spending a lot of time perfecting your skills. Whether you are an amateur or professional, it is likely that you have spent at least £ 1,000 in kits and lenses, as well as in bags, filters, tripods and other accessories allowing you to fine tune your art.

You invest a lot in your kit, and for those of you who are professionals, your livelihood may depend on this camera kit that you cherish so much. You have probably already thought about your kit, but do you know what your policy covers? It is important to obtain valuable coverage for any eventuality in which you may find yourself. For example, if you travel a lot for your work, it is essential to make sure that a worldwide coverage is included. From damage in transit to loss and theft, you must think of every avenue.

Of course, each photographer is different and has different needs, so we have put together this practical guide describing the main reasons why you might need a cover while offering you an incredible 10% discount on Eversure camera insurance policies – especially for ePHOTOzine readers.

Main reasons for claims:

Camera in the air


It is very common to accidentally drop a kit or kit that drops objects. Of course, this can be corrected by making sure that you have a good camera strap or an auxiliary device, but in cases where a bad fall occurs, it is good to know that you have an insurance policy in place that will offer you a replacement kit while yours is repaired.


This is everyone's worst nightmare: turn around or go home to find that your kit is missing – stolen. Your kit is worth a lot of money and investment. Do not worry as long as you have an insurance policy (provided you comply with the terms and conditions, for example, do not leave the kit in an unlocked room or show it in a car.

Accidental damage

Bumps, tripping, tilting the camera against a wall – all these things can and have happened to photographers of all levels. The camera straps break or loosen, tripods sway during events – we have heard everything. It's never nice, but at least you know you can get a replacement kit thinking about the future and making sure you buy insurance.

Pro Additions

Professionals among you should also make sure that your policy has additional elements of coverage.

Public liability

Public responsibility is essential if you work with groups of people in private places, such as weddings and baptisms. It covers compensation and court costs if someone sues you for damaging their property or getting hurt.


The indemnity insurance covers you in the event of a dispute with a client. It will cover the costs of defense of any allegation or claim made against you by a customer and will also pay compensation to the customer.

camera kit

Cover all your kit – not just cameras

A good policy should cover everything you use in your photography, not just a camera. Filters, tripods, photometers, even laptops and drones, if they are mainly used with a camera kit, are covered by Eversure. (Any item over £ 2,000 or a drone must be specified.)

10% discount with Eversure insurance

If you are ready to take out insurance for your kit, Eversure is an excellent choice. There is no administration fee, a £ 100 excess as standard and they will cover you worldwide. There is also the added benefit of theft (including a vehicle provided you meet the criteria) for your peace of mind.

We partnered with Eversure to give ePHOTOzine readers a 10% discount on their insurance policy. No need to enter a code – the discount is applied for you. Good insurance!

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More benefits of Eversure insurance:

  • The kit is covered even if it is stolen in a car, motorhome or caravan, subject to the conditions
  • New for old cover
  • Always covered if you lend the kit to your family in your absence
  • Kit covered in the hotel
  • Excess of £ 100 fixed
  • No administration fees
  • New for old cover
  • Global coverage