There is important information for insurance if you are a victim of a weather accident. (KOKH / Josh Vascil)

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) – The conditions were dangerous for drivers on Thursday morning. The Oklahoma Transportation Department (ODOT) said it was beginning to see conditions deteriorate on highways.

"Early this morning, we saw a lot of freezing rain and thin layers of ice covering most highways in the metropolitan area," said ODOT spokesman Cody Boyd. "Also north and west and north west of here."

The Oklahoma City Fire Department reported reacting to 28 accidents by 9am.

Glen Mulready, Insurance Commissioner for Oklahoma, said this often resulted in more insurance claims.

"People have to slow down, be careful," said Mulready. "Certainly do not send SMS and drive."

Mulready said you should be ready if you are in an accident. There is some important information to collect to ensure that you are reimbursed for any damage.

"The immediate thing is to gather information, take pictures, not admit your fault and contact your insurance company immediately," Mulready said.

He said the important information to collect is the name and phone number of the driver. You also want to get the number of the registration plate. He said that all the photos you can take from the scene will also contribute to your claim.

"After collecting this information, they should contact their insurance company and file a claim," Mulready said. "Whether it is for their car or for the damage they may have caused, they will want that call to be passed and initiation initiated."

However, to avoid any claims, both Mulready and ODOT encourage both to drive safely by this time.

"If you increase the distance you track on other drivers and traffic on highways, it will give you the distance you need to stop and stop as needed," Boyd said.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department said it would help anyone needing help filing a claim. All you have to do is call them at 1-800-522-0071.