TULSA, Oklahoma. – Since Tuesday evening, Wasim Majed walks in Tulsa in a car with holes on the side and whose door does not close.

Majed said that he was driving on 71st Street by taking Highway 169 when a woman went through a red light and set buzzing. He called the police, but with high call volume and wet roads, the TPD was unable to respond as part of "Operation Slick Streets".

Majed and the other driver made a report to Quiktrip, but he told 2 Works for You that the insurance company had had another story, with the blame it wore.

"Total They want my car to be full, we are talking about $ 10,000, something like that," he said.

Majed said that at the time of the accident, there were many cars around and that he would like an officer to come and pick up another witness.

"I have all her information.I have already claimed from her insurance … her insurance is refused because" she says, you said "… there is no evidence, "he said.

Traffic officers said that they did not know if they could have changed this result, but even as part of Operation Slick Streets, they recommend calling the police if they do not. other driver does not have a driver's license, insurance or seems to give false information.

"All I do when I go to a car accident is to try to determine if there has been a traffic violation." I'm not there to determine who is at fault. anyway, "said Sgt. Stephen Florea.

Slick Streets is a system for prioritizing calls during peak periods. Florea said that in case of rain or snow, the volume of calls can double.

"You can wait hours after a bodily injury, which an officer presents if we react to non-traumatic accidents on the days when we are in a winding street," he said.

But TPD said the plan exists to help the poor.

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