Swiss Re Partners at Insurtech Firm OZON, with a Cyber ​​Risk solution in France

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions expands its cyber offering by launching CyberSolution 360 °, a risk management solution that combines insurance with services to protect against cyber attacks.

Developed in the exclusive partnership with the French cyber security insurtech company OZON, the solution is tailor-made for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 10 to 250 employees to help them manage their cyber and digital risks. ; s, according to Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in a statement.

The cyber security services designed and offered by OZON have no technical limitations and have a competitive price, making them valuable for any type of SME, according to Swiss Re. The dynamic security system is constantly adapting to new cyber threats and focuses on the three main attack points of an SME: the website, e-mails and endpoints.

The compatible cyber insurance services offered by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions include cyber incident management, including costs such as data recovery costs, legal advice costs or administrative fines; losses of the first party including the loss of income; as well as claims from third parties, such as damage based on the privacy obligation of an SME.

CyberSolution 360 ° will be available in France from 6 February, with more European markets in 2019, according to Swiss Re.

"By combining cyber insurance with security services, we can help European SMEs better manage their cyber risks," said François Brisson, head of Cyber ​​Technology EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. "CyberSolution 360 ° reduces both the likelihood and the impact of a cyber attack and therefore offers SMEs better protection for growing their business safely."

"With CyberSolution 360 ° we are making a paradigm shift, based on the one-off assessment of cyber risks for the integrated and continuous management of cyber and digital risks for SMEs," said Regis Rocroy, CEO and CEO. founder of OZON, which is headquartered in Versailles, France. "This innovation is our first step in the Insurtech market."

Cyber ​​threats are the biggest concern in Europe, with 37 percent of risk managers naming cyber threats as the biggest risk to their company's growth prospects, according to the FERMA European Risk Manager Survey 2018, conducted by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations.

CyberSolution 360 ° helps risk managers tackle this threat in a twofold way: by helping small and medium-sized companies react to a cyber incident and reducing the likelihood that they will occur in the first place, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions continued.

Source: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions


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