Kamala Harris promises to eliminate the private insurance market


Senator Kamala Harris addresses the media after announcing that she will run for president on January 21, 2019. (Joshua Roberts / Reuters)
Senator Kamala Harris (D., California) advocated for the removal of the private health insurance sector at a public meeting organized by CNN in Iowa on Monday night.

Harris, who announced his bid for the presidency of 2020 this week, broke with the democratic orthodoxy of health care, according to which Americans could keep their private insurance if they wished, to the advantage of 39, a single payer scheme in which the government was the sole provider of health insurance. .

"I think the solution – and I really believe it very firmly – is that we need Medicare for all," Harris said in response to a question from the public about the affordability of the drugs. Health care. "It's only the bottom line."

"So for people who like their insurance, they can not keep it?" Asked CNN's Jake Tapper.

"Let's get rid of everything," Harris replied, "let's move on."

Harris went on to describe the current health care system as "inhumane" and arguing that moving to a single payer system would reduce financial and bureaucratic barriers to quality health care.

"Well, listen, the idea is that everyone has access to medical care and we do not have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, getting them approved, going through writes, to may require, "she said." Which of us has not experienced this situation where we have to wait for approval, and the doctor says: well, I do not know if your insurance company is going to cover that up, let's eliminate it, let's go in. "

Using the language of human rights, the Democratic establishment has increasingly adopted "Medicare for All" in recent years, as healthy young Americans – once overwhelmed by the threat of A punitive tax on uninsured people, recently eliminated by the Trump administration – have fled more and more government exchanges, exposing older and sick consumers to even higher premiums.

The policy, which is widely seen as a litmus test among potential Democratic presidential candidates, forces every American to take out health insurance through the government. According to the Mercatus Center, this would require $ 32.6 billion in new spending over 10 years. Doubling corporate and personal income taxes would not cover the cost of the program, according to the analysis.