We knew that a platform of the far left would emerge from this cycle. Heck, it's happened in 2016, with the insurgent campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The era of the Democratic Party, with an even larger government backed by promises of free, accompanied by economic ruin, is here to stay. Yes, there may be enough juice left in the establishment of the Democratic Party to prevent a true left whacko from winning the party's nomination for the presidency. Again, is it strong enough? Whatever the case may be, the far left of the party has developed to such an extent that at least one or more candidates will argue for the slowness or speed with which they want to turn that. country in Venezuela. The first is Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), who announced her long-awaited bid for 2020 at MLK Day this month. During a public session organized by CNN, the California Democrat decided to declare herself at the head of the party's Whacko wing by declaring that she wants to eviscerate private health insurance (via NTK Network):

Kamala Harris supports a comprehensive takeover of health care by the government, said of the free market: "Let everything eliminate. Let's move on."

– Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) January 29, 2019CNN's Jake Tapper asked Harris about his support for a Medicare for All bill sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), which, if passed, would completely eliminate private insurance and if that meant Americans who love their insurance could not keep their insurance. he.

"Well, listen, the idea is that everyone has access to medical care, and you will not have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, getting them approved, going through the paperwork "said Harris. "Let's eliminate all this, let's move on to something else."

As for the announcement of his candidacy for 2020, this was planned. More at Hot Air, citing The Washington Post, they noted that the California agenda of Harris we would destroy as he has the golden state:

Senator Kamala D. Harris (California) will propose a tax plan of nearly $ 3 trillion, billions of tax credits for low-income renters, a system of health care for all and a reduction in the amount of money cash. bail of detainees charged with criminal offenses, said his assistants …

Aides said the Harris platform will integrate Senator Bernie Sanders' Medicare-of-all Health Care proposal, while advocating for huge tax breaks to help low-income renters and increase family incomes. working class…

Harris, on the other hand, is expected to operate on both a single payer health program that is expected to cost more than $ 30 trillion, as well as on tax benefits that would significantly reduce federal revenues. Supporters say it reflects his willingness to use different solutions to solve big problems.

Here's the thing, Harris. Americans actually like their employer-based private health insurance. They love it so much that when you ask voters they would support health insurance for all if it involves cannibalizing such plans, you have to support the single payer system. go down the toilet:

The public is divided into a single payer health system, with 47% of respondents favoring this approach and 46% opposed it.

But when we tell supporters that all health care costs would be covered by a single payer system – but that it would eliminate employer schemes and that there would be only one government regime – the figures go to 36% favor and 55% opposition.

In fact, Americans will soon learn that they have a big tab to pick up with this bag of left-handed gifts – and I'm going to be very fat, they'll find that very unpleasant.