Create Texas DOT Connected, Autonomous Vehicle Task Force

Texas Department of Transportation says the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Task Force will soon become a focal point for CAV progress in Texas.

The task force has been designed as a one-stop resource for information and coordination on all ongoing CAV projects, investments and initiatives in Texas. In addition to documenting the efforts of public and private entities and facilitating partnerships, the CAV Task Force will organize industry forums and report lessons learned to facilitate progress and encourage greater collaboration.

"Our goal is to build on the momentum already established with the Texas Technology Task Force and the Texas Innovation Alliance, and to work with interested parties on the latest and greatest CAV projects and improvements," said James Bass, CEO of TxDOT. Announcement. "We look forward to promoting these important efforts, because connected and autonomous vehicles become reality."

TxDOT said it was very interested in the progress of autonomous vehicles because they have the potential to significantly reduce crashes and improve road safety over time. They also offer opportunities to commemorate personal and commercial mobility with quality of life and economic benefits. For example, CAV technology can allow more mobility for people who depend on others' transportation to health care and routine appointments, such as the elderly and people with disabilities.

The working group will enable companies to continue innovative ideas about CAV technology in a business-friendly way that is the calling card for Texas in this space and others in the course of time. It will also build on the legislation of the 85th legislature with regard to how connected and autonomous vehicles can operate in the Lone Star state.

Source: TxDOT

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