Homes, businesses, government buildings and churches were badly damaged or demolished under the buildings when tornadoes hit Central Alabama at weekends.

The heavy weather hit Saturday and another tornado was reported later that evening at an air base in the Florida Panhandle.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service reported that its first surveys indicated that there was an EF 1 tornado in Autauga County and a stronger EF2 twister in Wetumpka, Alabama.

"We have suffered a lot of damage," said Mayor Jerry Willis during a morning conference with officials from the city and Elmore County. "Something we have never had here."

The familiar tower of the First Baptist Church of Wetumpka was missing after the storm. And much of a historic Presbyterian church was reduced to rubble.

Officials said at a press conference on Sunday morning that at least 25 houses were seriously damaged or destroyed. The police station Wetumpka, the senior center and the leisure center were also badly damaged, according to the WSFA-TV.

"So far we have seen damage with wind speeds of 120 to 130 mph," said John DeBlock of the National Weather Service in Birmingham during the press conference.

No deaths or life-threatening injuries were reported.

Willis advised residents of Wetumpka to avoid the city center because the debris was removed on Sunday. There were no direct estimates of the dollar value of the loss. Willis said that this was documented pending the search for federal aid. The Central Alabama Community Foundation is raising money to help Stormpat victims.

In the Florida Panhandle, the authorities said that buildings were damaged by a tornado on Saturday morning at an air base. Tyndall Air Force Base posted a message on its official Facebook page that nobody had been injured, but that the tornado structures and vehicles were damaged on the military installation. The air base was hammered by Hurricane Michael in October.

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