The insurance policy of the National Rifle Association (NRA), known as the NRA Carry Guard, is intended for concealed carriers who wish to purchase liability insurance. The insurance policy protects carriers from civil liability and "gives them immediate access to lawyers, additional bail payments, criminal defense legal aid fees, legal replacement of firearms, compensation during trial, the costs of psychological support and cleaning up damages resulting from the use of a legally owned firearm – including an act of self-defense. "

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler on Tuesday ad a ban "on the sale of illegal insurance policies under the trademark of the National Rifle Association (NRA)", clearly referring to the insurance of the NRA's Guard Guard Guard. According to Kreidler, insurance policies are illegal because "they insure illegal activity".

"For insurance products associated with the NRA, buyers have to be wary," Kreidler said. "The attempt to insure a criminal act is a scam for consumers. The policies sold are deceptive and dishonest. I would be careless as the state insurance regulator if I did not close them. "

Kreidler is seeking $ 102,000 from Illinois Union Insurance Co. to purchase 811 and $ 75,000 insurance policies from Lockton Affinity for the sale of these insurances.

NRA lawyers say that the organization of gun rights has complied with all laws, including addressing Kreidler's previous concerns regarding the sale of insurance policies via the Carry Guard website.

"As is clear from today's announcement, changes were made to the NRA Web site last year to address the concerns expressed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. "said William A. Brewer III, partner at Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors and RNA Boards, in a statement. "The NRA has always acted appropriately and will continue to advocate for the legal right – and practicability – of Americans to defend themselves." For specific information about Carry Guard or any other insurance policy, the NRA refer interested parties to Lockton. "

The troubling part of this whole ordeal is the way Kreidler is considering personal liability insurance for those who decide to carry concealed. In his eyes, the hidden carriers are automatically considered criminals. His assumed automatically that the carrier must committed a wrongdoing because he fired with their weapon. This is not the case and making a comprehensive statement like this is not only factually incorrect, but morally wrong.

In many cases, a person has used a gun to protect his life or the life of someone else. Too many to count. What's happening? This is automatically assumed that their shooting was unjustified. This is automatically assumed that a hidden carrier wants to shoot their weapon. And it's automatically assumed that he or she wants to kill someone.

Here is the cold. Difficult. Truth.

No law-abiding firearms owner who decides to wear will want to unsheathe his firearm. Not one. Because if they unsheathe their weapon, does that mean that the threat is eminent and what is the purpose of using a firearm to protect themselves? You shoot until the threat is faded away. No legal person wants to have that on his conscience.