COUNTY BAY, FL. (WJHG / WECP) – Lawmakers say that a bill recently signed by President Donald Trump has corrected a wrong that some families in Bay County have had to face for nearly three decades.
The bipartite bill corrected the maps created by the Coastal Reserves Resources Act (CBRA). Previously, some areas already developed along the coast in Bay County, such as Bay Point or Carillon Beach, were experiencing problems in obtaining affordable flood insurance. This bill changes that. Legislators also say that this means people in these areas can now receive federal emergency money, such as FEMA assistance.
"This corrects a long-standing mistake that has a real economic impact on people living in these areas," said Philip "Griff" Griffitts, chairman of the Bay County Commission, who had testified in favor of the project. law last year. "A big thank you to Congressman Neal Dunn for helping to get this law passed. This will allow many Bay County families to finally obtain more affordable federal flood insurance. "
"Now, more than ever, as a result of one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history, lack of access to federal resources is particularly disabling for residents of coastal communities of the United States. Florida, "said Congressman Neal Dunn, MD, the bill was under study at the US House. "It means no flood insurance, FEMA assistance or SBA loans. I am grateful that this bill offers a solution to some people who are dealing with these unnecessary burdens. "

In 1990, when CBRA cards were established for Bay County, a "protected area" (OPA) card was created. It includes the St. Andrews Recreation Area, said Griffitts. It also incorrectly included private properties nearby.
Although this bill allows homeowners to seek help from federal emergency services, such as FEMA, it is unclear for the moment whether this will apply to the damage caused by Hurricane Michael, according to the Office of Congressman Dunn. His office says he'll know more about this situation when the government's closure is over.