The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is now arguing that GPS-based taxation, for the number of kilometers driven by car, can be achieved in 5 to 6 years!

Norwegians trust the government too much because they think this system will eliminate the need for a road tax, fuel tax, toll roads and reduce the cost of auto insurance.

In no case the tax will be reduced! GPS-based taxation is a government dream! Who should prevent them from issuing parking fees or speeding tickets?

Norway also has a large number of electric cars. An electric car is sold without tax or VAT, has a reduced traffic tax, does not require a reduction in the toll road toll and does not contribute to the taxation of fuels. With active GPS, the government can finally collect taxes on electric cars without interference from ecologists in disorder.

In the worst case, a corrupt government can use the system against its people to create implications, to shift the burden of proof to a troubled citizen in court.

Norway may be a big country when it comes to statistics, but will be a kind of self-imposed totalitarianism if this nonsense continues. Stay away from Norway if you love your hard earned money!

And as always, thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for your service and your knowledge.

Ex-Social Democrat


The political-economic system of the post-second world war was a predominantly socialist program. "Vote for me and I will give you the money of others. "

This system can not be maintained when the members of the power have promised themselves pensions. When the public servants retire, they must be replaced. The growth rate of the government began to explode. Instead of looking at the problem objectively, they are content to look, from one paycheck to another, how to deal with the next payday. This leads them to become more and more aggressive in the hunt for things to tax. Any rational person would examine this economic model and see that it led to massive civil unrest.

They claim that socialism is helping people, but they come first. When the situation gets worse, nothing affects the people.

Even former President Grover Cleveland, who was a Democrat, saw the madness that his party had unleashed with the Silver Democrats. Taxing the rich does not present a solution. They will just leave. The rich, through their investments, create jobs.

This proposal to use GPS to track tax movements will allow the government to remove tolls and thereby reduce their own staff and pension resources.

That was the very idea of ​​the E-Z Pass in the United States, where you go through tolls and are automatically billed.