WEST YELLOWSTONE – Although the open registration period for the health insurance market ends on Saturday, December 15, those who have not yet submitted their application still have a little time. To help ensure that as many local residents as possible can prepare for the New Year, Community Health Partners (CHPs) will provide free assistance to anyone who may need a little help. help to learn how to navigate the process.

"With the open registration period extending until the end of December, people may not be aware that the deadline has been pushed back this year," said Buck Taylor. , Director of Community Development and Administration at Community Health Partners. "We really appreciate how complicated this process can be, so even if you're not one of our patients, we want to do everything in our power to help you."

Ronny Curtis, coordinator of outreach and registration within the PSC, said that trying to understand what options are available can often be one of the most difficult aspects of finding the right one. plan.

"Whether you're qualified for Medicaid or you're looking for a plan through the Marketplace, it's important to keep in mind that the outcome will vary greatly depending on your situation," Curtis said. "What works for your neighbor or your friend might not work for you."

As a recently certified assurance advisor at the state and federal level, Curtis said that although she may not be able to suggest the plan that someone should choose (registrants must making this decision for themselves and on their own, she said) can help her clients better understand the ins and outs of an otherwise complicated system.

"I know we're nearing the deadline, but I'm more than happy to work within hours," Curtis said. "Anyone who wants help sorting their options is welcome to call us and make an appointment. I may not have all the answers, but I can certainly help you access the resources you need. "

The App Counseling Sessions, which, again, are offered free of charge by community health partners, will begin with a personalized inventory of the situation.

"We need to examine your financial and physical needs before we can examine the application itself," Curtis said. "If you are taking a specific medication or want to make sure that a doctor will accept the plan you choose, this is important information to know from the outset. There are many plans available, but you want to find one that fits the parameters of what you need. It is much easier to meet these types of challenges in advance than to try to find a solution. "

According to Curtis, financial considerations are also taken into account in the application process and can help determine eligibility for co-insurance opportunities or additional opportunities.

"A carrier can not refuse you because of a pre-existing condition," Curtis said, dispelling a common misconception about Marketplace Insurance. "Nevertheless, each plan has its own limits. For example, each plan must provide preventative care, but when you start to engage in areas such as diagnosis and treatment, it is important to know how policies differ. "

Curtis stated that although the general registration period is coming to an end, exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.

"If you got married, had a baby, changed jobs or lost your current coverage without you being responsible, you may qualify for a special registration, even if the opening period is already completed, "she said. "Again, there is no black and white answer here. Everyone's situation is different, that's why it can be helpful to learn a little bit about the options that are available to you. "

For those seeking help with a Medicaid application, the process can be a little more complicated in terms of eligibility, but since there is no specific registration period, residents can make an appointment at any time.

"The other thing we want to remind people is that even if you are completely uninsured, we will never send you back," Taylor said. "Community Health Partners has a slippery payment scale, and we will work with everyone who walks in to make sure they get the treatment they need without worrying about the financial bottom line. In case of serious emergency, it only helps very little. We know it's complicated, we know it's discouraging and we know it can be frustrating. We are here to help make all this a little easier. "

For more information on community health partners or to make an appointment with Ronny Curtis, visit http://chphealthmt.org/.