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If British motorists plan to drive abroad after March 29, they must act quickly or they will break the law.

Indeed, a Brexit without agreement would leave drivers the need to have a green card proving that they are insured.

European regulations will affect businesses and individuals. They will also apply to anyone crossing the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

You must order the card a month before your trip, warned the Association of British Insurers.

Although the European insurance authorities have agreed to give up the need for green cards in case of Brexit without agreement in May 2018, the European Commission has not confirmed this decision.

This means that green cards would be required by European regulations as proof of insurance if the UK left the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

The documents are provided by insurers and anyone driving without a license breaks the law.

Who will be affected?

Among those affected will be:

  • People crossing the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • All those who plan to take their car to Europe, for example a family planning a holiday in France during the Easter holidays.
  • Any transport company planning to transport goods in the EU after 29 March.

Huw Evans, CEO of ABI, said: "As it seems more and more possible that a hopeless Brexit can take place, we want all insurance customers to know the facts about what it means to them. "

With regard to travel insurance, he said the coverage would continue to operate normally, even in the event that there would be no replacement for the European health insurance card system (CEAM), which allows citizens to benefit from free care in the EU.

However, he added: "Customers should always check that their travel insurance policy fully meets their needs".

If no agreement is reached with the EU, drivers may have to obtain an international driving license to drive abroad.

As of February 1, the government will begin providing IDPs at 2,500 post offices in the United Kingdom.

How many people drive from the United Kingdom to Europe?

  • The NI Department of Economics suggests that there are about 110 million crossings between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland each year. This includes cars, trucks and buses.
  • Eurotunnel shuttle services transported 1.6 million trucks and 2.6 million cars in 2017 (total number in both directions).
  • According to official statistics, in 2017 there were 2.4 million heavy goods vehicles traveling from Great Britain to Europe (excluding the NI) and 370 000 heavy goods vehicles traveling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.