Federal employees affected by the partial closure of the government are turning to different secondary jobs to make ends meet, according to the Associated press.

Some, like immigration lawyer Cheryl Inzunza Blum, of Tucson, are renting a room on Airbnb to earn extra cash, thus taking advantage of Arizona's busy winter tourist season after stopping by receive checks for his work under contract with a lawyer specializing in immigration. She says she works for free because she has clients who depend on her, some of whom are detained or have hearings.

Cheryl Inzunza Blum
But she also has bills: her dues to the Arizona State Bar, her malpractice insurance and a phone bill of over $ 500 in the last two months because she uses so much his phone for work. Blum charges the government for his work, but the office that pays him has not paid him a pay check since the start of the closure. Thus, she exploits all possible sources to keep herself afloat – even her children from high school and high school – and even plans to drive for Uber and Lyft. –AP

"So, after working all day in court, I will go home and make the room very clean as they arrive tonight," she said, referring to her Airbnb tenants.

"I have a young man who goes to town to ride a bike, he will come tomorrow and stay a week," she added. "I'm delighted because it means immediate money.Once they've logged in, the next day there is money on my account."

Other federal employees drive for Uber, turn to the handyman and search for traditional temporary gigs in order to pay their bills during the longest stint in the history of the United States.

Fortunately for unpaid federal workers, the closure occurs during a relatively strong economy.

The Ministry of Labor reported that employers had posted 6.9 million jobs in November, the latest figures available. This is not far from the record of 7.3 million reached in August.

About 8,700 Uber driver positions are posted on SnagAJob's website, while Lyft's are approximately 3,000.

But the economy of the large retailers does not pay very well, what discover the officials on leave. –AP

Chris George, 48, from Hemet, Calif., Visited Lyft after being relieved from his position as Forestry Technician Supervisor for the US Department of Agriculture's Forest Service. He earns on average about $ 10 per hour of driving, excluding gas.

Fortunately for George, he is about to receive $ 450 in weekly unemployment benefits, but they have not done so yet. He therefore takes DIY jobs or any other available job.

"I just did some ancillary work when they come," George said Monday. "I had two last week and I do not know what this week will bring."

Another dismissed worker, George Jankowski, is getting $ 100 a week of unemployment, but he says that's barely enough to survive. On Monday, he helped a friend leave a third-floor apartment in Cheyenne, Wyoming for $ 30. Jankowski, a veteran of the Air Force, works in a USDA call center and does not expect to receive a salary back because he is paid at the hour by as a part-time employee.

George JankowskiHe calls the situation "exhausting".

"It's embarrassing to ask for money to pay bills or borrow money for, you know, eat," he said. AP.

Recruiters take advantage of the closure

Several employers took advantage of the closure to try to hire workers, at least temporarily.

18.21 Bitters, Missy Koefod of the Atlanta-based cocktail blender maker, said the company needed temporary help in the kitchen, a retail store and is preparing for a trade show. She decided to make it clear to the fired federal employees that they were in social media. hiring.

"I can not imagine not being paid for a few weeks," said Koefod.

American Labor Services, a recruitment agency employing 500 people a week in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, on Monday issued a call to fired federal employees, asking them to make contact for office work or light industry. –AP

"Some might not realize that they could get something temporary, it could last a short time,said Ben Kaplan, CEO of American Labor Services.