Political representatives of Northern Ireland have expressed outrage at the potential implications of a Brexit without agreement on cross-border travel and have accused Westminster politicians of being held accountable.The Irish Motor Insurers Bureau has sent thousands of inquiries to Irish insurers, as it has been revealed that motorists wishing to cross the border should buy a "green card" if the UK leaves the EU without reaching the an agreement on the conditions of its exit.

The so-called green cards should be purchased and would constitute proof for law enforcement officials of the minimum insurance coverage required in the area, which would be required for travel between countries of the country. EU and non-EU members.

SDLP deputy head Nichola Mallon said the news again reiterated why it was necessary to secure the backstop, which would protect against a hard border and reduce the need for green cards, in the current political chaos.

"The possibility that Irish motorists are forced to travel with a" green card "when they enter Northern Ireland is a crude indication of the seriousness and regression of a Brexit without agreement to the citizens of Ireland. Here, "commented the MP for Belfast North.

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"Thousands of people cross the border daily to live, work and study, and hindering this freedom of movement by asking motorists to provide supporting documents to this effect is an affront to the agreement on Good Friday."This news of the issuance of" green cards "is another reminder of why we need a backstop, given the ever greater likelihood of us collapsing out of the European Union, The inhabitants of this island can not be left to the disorganization and devastation of a decision that we have never consented to. "

Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson said the "bad news" for motorists was the responsibility of those who supported Tory Brexit.

"There may be a cost for this to come from the UK government's admission that an international driver's license, for which fees would also be charged, will be required if it is not there. agree on Brexit.

"All this shows once again that the architects and supporters of Tory Brexit do not know and care about the reality of people living in border areas and all those who cross the border daily to work, study and socialize.

"This reinforces the need to maintain the backstop and let the Irish government and the EU-27 stand firm and ensure that Tory Brexiteers and its allies do not push us to the edge of the cliff," concluded Ms. Anderson. .

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