YouTube Star Alejandro Salmondrin McLaren Sienna ignited after only 11 days of ownership and 400 miles under his belt.

A former Hollywood filmmaker turned blogger and supercar entrepreneur, Salmondrin has a giant footprint on social media with over 1.5 million subscribers to YouTube and more than one million on Instagram.

In October, while he was driving his wife with his wife, Salmondrin noticed flames under his Sienna, for which he paid $ 1 million (a "market adjustment" adding to a MSRP of $ 837,000). He left the car stalled, parked, tried to extinguish the fire with a bottle of water, then took out his camera and filmed it melting on the ground.


The results:

Here is the last record of the McLaren before the fire:

Salmondrin made a blog article about the incident:

I have received a lot of questions from you and the most important ones are:


Yes, I sent some messages to the director at first, because I was interested in buying another car and making them aware of the problem, but NOT a single question was asked about this incident.

That worries me a lot, because I'm not sure of the process in a situation like this. But I guess you want to know more about the cause of the accident to possibly prevent other cars from having the same problem and putting lives at risk. I can be totally wrong and it is a "standard procedure".

2 – Does the insurance or warranty cover you?

I am the first registered owner of the car, but I paid the market adjustment in addition to the actual price of the car. However, I insured the car for the value of what I paid for.

In most cases, when an incident like this occurs, the insurance will try to pay you the market value at the time of the incident, but since I bought the car 11 days before it burns, it is safe to say that it is the market value.


The insurers take their time to look at the car and hope it will put them under pressure. And I hope that McLaren will look into the matter more closely because I have some messages, like the screenshot that I have attached to the bottom of the comment section, stating that another Senna also burned in Europe.

The only "McLaren manager" (if you can call him so) is the owner of McLaren Scottsdale (@mclaren_scottsdale). The only reason I'm talking about it, it's because he's done his best to tell everyone that he thinks I'm committing some kind of fraud at the company. " 39; insurance (from the screenshots attached to the bottom of the comment section). Now this could be either:

A – That's maybe what McLaren thinks and that's why they have not inspected anything or done with the car for that reason …

Or B – He's just one of those guys with peanut butter and jelly.

I hope it is not B, because then it would be: ignorant of business or insurance in general, because what do I pull from it? buying a car for a million dollars, then the car burns 11 days later and I get my money back? Hahaha! And in addition, he has several concessions 🙁

In one way or another. That's what happened and where I am with that. I only want to ask you a favor. Please do not harass McLaren or the dealer. All I want is that they take steps to avoid other incidents like this. Oh .. and get my insurance money back.