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Explain Trump and Russia; The stability of Greece threatened by the name change of Macedonia.

Trump claims that he has not worked with Russia

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  • President Donald Trump faced an extraordinary question Monday after a weekend of new revelations about the Trump / Russia investigation: Have you ever worked for Russia, a hostile foreign power?[[[[Vox / Andrew Prokop]
  • The Washington Post reported this weekend that Trump had concealed details of a meeting with Putin, which took place in Helsinki, Finland, last summer. Trump reportedly took a note from the interpreter and told him not to inform others of what had happened at the meeting.[[[[NPR / Philip Ewing]
  • "I think it's the most insulting thing I've ever asked," Trump told reporters on Monday. He also claimed to know nothing of what had happened to the Helsinki notes.[[[[NPR / Philip Ewing]
  • The lack of transparency in Trump's meetings with Putin reinforced suspicions and violated the traditional presidential protocol of making minutes of meetings available to officials or including advisers in high priority interviews.[[[[The Washington Post / Greg Miller]
  • Democrats argue that reports are another damning detail in Trump's relationship with Russia, as some GOP members believe the FBI's trident counterintelligence investigation of Trump was a form of partisan conspiracy.[[[[The Atlantic / Andrew Kragie]
  • The reports arrive just before Tuesday's confirmation hearing from Attorney General Bill Barr's candidate. Barr has already promised to allow special advocate Robert Mueller to continue his investigation into possible collusion and obstruction of justice.[[[[The Wall Street Journal / Sadie Gurman]

Greek Prime Minister calls for a vote of confidence

  • Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for a vote of confidence on Wednesday after the dramatic resignation of his defense minister, Panos Kammenos. The minister resigned to protest a law renaming Macedonia.[[[[The New York Times / Niki Kitsantonis and Iliana Magra]
  • "Macedonia" is also the name of a province within the Greek borders and the nationalists believe that this name should belong only to a Hellenistic people. North Macedonia is the new name given to the Balkan country just north of Greece. If it ratifies the new name, Greece has vowed to no longer veto North Macedonia after joining NATO and the European Union.[[[[BBC News]
  • The popularity of renaming Macedonia could have an impact on the Greek elections next autumn. If the vote of confidence does not reveal support for Tsipras, the country may be about to call early elections.[[[[Bloomberg / Eleni Chrepa and Sotiris Nikas]
  • Greece has not recognized Macedonia as a nation since its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Macedonia has already ratified its new name last week in the hope of obtaining international credit, but the conservative Greeks will probably vote against the ratification of the new name.[[[[The Wall Street Journal / Nektaria Stamouli]
  • At the same time, Greece is sentenced to a fine of 200 million euros ($ 229 million) from the European anti-fraud authorities. Greek authorities have failed to prevent a Chinese trading network from avoiding import duties. Greece needs money and investors are more likely to be confident in the country if elections are held as soon as possible.[[[[POLITICO Europe / Simon Marks]


  • This is the middle of Trump's mandate. Fifty writers intervene during his first two years in office. [[[[L & # 39; Atlantic]
  • New York, Washington, DC and Baltimore: The 24-day government shutdown is hitting the hardest.[[[[The Wall Street Journal / Maureen Linke]
  • California's largest electricity company is bankrupt as a result of recent wildfires. Insurance claims accumulate after fires that have destroyed thousands of homes and human lives.[[[[The Washington Post / Hamza Shaban]
  • Serena Williams is back at the Australian Open and continues her 24th Grand Slam title.[[[[The New York Times / Kurt Streeter]
  • In 1900, a woman scientist showed that even if men had larger skulls, it does not make them smarter than women. She did not dispel the same myths about race.[[[[Smithsonian Magazine / Leila McNeill]


"It's 2019, yet the Trump administration is still trying to suppress women's rights. Our coalition will continue to fight for women to have access to reproductive health care that is guaranteed by law. "[[[[California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in a statement on a court decision asking employers to provide free birth control.]

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