Charles Jones (Montgomery County Police)

SPRING SILVER, Md. (ABC7) – Studies have shown that insurance companies are among the most despised service industries, but few customers resort to physical threats against a supplier.

51-year-old Charles Everett Jones of Takoma Park, however, is accused of doing this. Jones is now facing a charge of arson, a misdemeanor committed in Maryland.

On the afternoon of December 14, Jones walked into the offices of Erie Insurance along Tech Road in Silver Spring in the midst of ongoing litigation.

"Jones said that this building would be on the program soon, because he intended to return to the building and set it on fire, which would kill everyone inside," he said. indicated an investigator in court records obtained by ABC7. "Jones further stated that he was seriously considering coming back to burn the building."

This 51-year-old man reportedly reported suffering from pancreatic cancer and the recent loss of both parents. He did not share any specific dates with Erie Insurance staff, but promised to return to complete his fire-mortality mission.

A few days later, authorities said Jones created the Twitter account @ceverdc on Twitter and then posted two tweets, providing additional context for his bitterness towards Erie Insurance.

"After a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, many people make very heavy life decisions. My decision is to become a martyr for those who are abused by the insurance industry. I plan to light @erie_insurance on Tech Drive in Silver Spring Wednesday afternoon (sic). Everyone is welcome."

"Hit a red light in January 201 by the driver @Erie_Insurance. It only took 3 months for my car to be repaired after going to the local office and creating a scene about the lost carpool salary. "

As a precaution, Erie Insurance decided to close its Silver Spring building on Wednesday, December 19th. The police issued an arrest warrant against Jones the same day, but did not arrest him until 3 January. A Montgomery County judge ruled that Jones was a threat to the public, and denied the link.

According to court documents, Jones worked as a baker and deliverer for a national food chain specializing in bagels and coffee. He lives with his partner in an apartment located along New Hampshire Avenue.

Jones, who appears not to have yet hired a defense lawyer, is liable to a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment. His next appearance is scheduled for February 5th.