Thief in Hamptons Wins $ 42 Million in Parked Cars • Good Assurance


A thief in the Hamptons stole money and valuables in a car parked at a value of at least $ 42 million, according to a Dan's Papers, a local news site.

Video of a thief filmed in East Hampton, photo: acceptphoto, kantver, Iakov Kalinin / 123RF

The treasure, taken from the trunk, the center console and the floor of a relatively sober vintage Mercedes-Benz, It includes $ 8 million in cash and $ 2 million in bearer Swiss bonds, as well as an antique Fabergé egg valued at $ 9.6 million and an original Stradivarius violin of $ 16 million.Dan's Papers

Although the crime was filmed by a security camera nearby, the thief has still not been identified.

"After what we understand, the victim did little to protect his property," said Hamptons police spokesman Larry Hirsch on Wednesday. "but we have no reason to suspect him of collusion in this offense or to attempt any kind of scam with regard to insurance."

The first crime video footage shows a Caucasian man, probably 25 to 35 years old, wearing casual clothes and a low hat against his face, approaching the car, looking out the window, and looking at his face. ;remove. The man returns shortly after with a large sports bag, opens the unlocked door of the car and quietly gathers the objects, taking the time to sneak under the seats and remove the crumpled effects and bonds to the carrier before leaving the premises. –Dan's Papers

Unfortunately for the owner, nothing of the contents of the car was insured – and many valuables were left in the open air "Basically on the floor, like most people, would leave fast food wrappers and gasoline receipts," according to Hirsch. "But it's not quite unusual here in the Hamptons."

"No one has taken a look at the guy," says Hirsch.

Last week, for example, the Hamptons police asked for help to identify a man who stolen $ 60,000 from a car parked behind the Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen.