Insurance via WhatsApp: What is it, how to do it? Here is everything you need to know

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No more days WhatsApp was only used to send text messages to friends and family. Taking advantage of this platform, various insurance companies have launched an AI-compatible WhatsApp channel for customer service. Since last year, the health insurance industry in India has launched a number of client-centered initiatives for policyholders and policyholders. Recently, Aditya Birla Capital Insurance Company (ABHICL), the health insurance arm of Aditya Birla Capital, launched this platform to serve its customers.

With this new platform, customers can enjoy many benefits, from anywhere and anytime, using WhatsApp, one of the most used communication channels in India. Mayank Bathwal, CEO of Aditya Birla Health Insurance, said, "Customers can meet their service requirements in a simple, fast and convenient way using the popular WhatsApp platform."

What can you do?

Unlike the traditional method of selecting menu options, you will now be able to use the official WhatsApp accounts of these companies to enter any general query and respond in real time. You can use WhatsApp chat to get information about your strategy. For example, the details of the policy, including details due, the value of the fund and tax certificates can also be recovered. You can also update your profile in real time and locate the nearest branch for a later visit. Apart from this, via this channel, you can perform and get other processes related to strategies, such as name change, nominee change, change of payment method, status of the request and the stimulus information.

However, in the case of policy-specific queries, insurers would first be authenticated, after which they will be able to obtain information about their policies. Experts say this is done to make the process and platform more secure. Currently, this feature is extended to the issuing of new policies. A link will be sent to the new client to help him download the policy document.

In addition, the company also expects existing customers to receive renewal messages and automatic maintenance options on the WhatsApp platform. Bathwal adds, "We have created this digital asset in the health insurance category, which allows us to interact with our clients at different points of contact. Therefore, we launched the WhatsApp platform so that our customers can experience seamless communication and information flow regarding their policy, at any time and n & rsquo; Anywhere, at their fingertips. Knowing the popularity and reach, we hope to use this platform as an effective way to contact our customers. "

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