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Written by Eric Zuesse via the Foundation for Strategic Culture,

Why is the US embassy in Baghdad the largest embassy in the world – by far the largest?

"It's as if the US Embassy was there not only to protect American interests, but also to manage the entire world from the heart of the capital, Baghdad."

– Iraqi Sheikh Qassim Al Ta'ee, quoted on December 27, 2011 in Al Iraq News and translated by Ibrahim Zaidan of the original Arabic by Nicholas Dagher

Zaidan's article continues:

The largest embassy in the world is located in the green zone and is reinforced by three walls, another barrier of concrete slabs, followed by barbed wire fencing and a wall of sandbags. It covers an area of ​​104 acres, six times larger than the UN headquarters in New York and ten times larger than the new embassy Washington builds in Beijing – which is just 10 acres.

[Editor’s’ Note: The ten-acre US Embassy in Beijing is the second largest overseas construction project in the history of the Department of State — and the 104-acre US Embassy in Iraq is the largest.]

Thus, the largest diplomatic mission in the United States is surrounded by high concrete walls, is painted black, brown and gray and is completely isolated from its environment … The United States announced several months ago that, between diplomats and employees, his embassy would count 16,000 people. after the withdrawal of US forces.

On 1 January, Will Sillitoe made the front page of the Helsinki Times: "What does the US embassy in Baghdad export to Finland and dozens of other countries?" and he reported that:

More than a million kilograms of cargo have been shipped from Baghdad to different parts of the world, reveal the supply documents of US embassies.

Mysterious shipments of cargoes from the US embassy in Baghdad to other US embassies and consulates around the world have been revealed in a WikiLeaks database. United States Embassy purchase orders are public documents, but Wikileaks put them in a searchable database to facilitate their analysis.

The database displaying orders for goods and services from US embassies around the world reveals that Baghdad is a postal and shipping center for tons of freight.

Although we can expect a military cargo between the United States and Iraq, records show that the embassies of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and East, Americas and Africa also receive deliveries from Baghdad.

According to the Wikileaks database, orders for more than 540 tonnes of cargo shipments to the United States were placed in May 2018. The same document indicates that the other major delivery destinations included 120 tonnes of freight to the United States. Europe and 24 tons to South Africa, South America and the United States. Central Africa respectively …

On December 29, Sillitoe won the title "Warehouse guarded near the airport and mysterious cargoes of Baghdad, what can the US Embassy in Helsinki expect?" and he opened:

Why does the US Embassy in Helsinki need a large warehouse near Malmi Airport and what is the content of thousands of kilograms of cargo sent to Helsinki from Baghdad? ?

A dilapidated warehouse in Malmi is being used by the US embassy for unknown operations after a publication by Wikileaks has been published.

The seemingly anonymous Takoraudantie building is distinguished only by the new 427 meter perimeter fence which, according to the Wikileaks database, was commissioned by the US Embassy in April 2018.

Located opposite the main entrance of Malmi Airport, the warehouse with its 3 meter high security fence appears as an unlikely place for the official business of the embassy. Neighboring businesses include a car yard and a tire warehouse.

Helsinki Times visited the perimeters this weekend. The security personnel, young Finns in uniform with American flags on their arms, seemed nervous and suspicious when asked to comment on the warehouse. …

Sillitoe closed this article by saying: "The searchable database of Wikileaks and information on activities related to Finland are available. RIGHT HERE. "

This link leads to a "US Embassy Shopping List" of 24 separate documents, one of which is "RFP 191Z1018R0002 Mission Iraq Shipping Transportation Services", dated 17/05/18.

Item 2 is "Unaccompanied Air Baggage (UAB) Packaging – Throughout Iraq – US Embassy in Baghdad, Baghdad International Zone, US Consulate General, Basrah, Consulate General of the United States States in Erbil, Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center, Erbil Diplomatic Support Center (Note: in the specified unit of measure, the United States Government considers "per kilogram of gross weight in kilograms")

The "estimated quantity" is "100,000" and "unit of measure" is the "kilogram".

Item 7 is "Storage Services – Monthly Container Storage – Anywhere in Iraq – US Embassy in Baghdad, Baghdad International Zone, US Consulate General in Basrah, US Consulate General in Erbil, Central Diplomatic assistance from Baghdad, Erbil Diplomatic Support Center in the United States. "

The "estimated quantity" is "100" and the unit of measure is "40 container".

The heading "Section B.5 Sub-CLIN: 84E" is "From the Republic of Iraq to countries of Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican, Nicosia) "

The "estimated quantity" is "5000" and "the unit of measure" is the "kilogram".

The heading "Section B.5 Sub-CLIN: 84 F" is "From the Republic of Iraq to the countries of Eastern Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia , Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Kosovo) "

The "estimated quantity" is "5000" and "the unit of measure" is the "kilogram".

The most important categories of deliveries are destined for the states of the eastern United States: "From the Republic of Iraq to the United States. [sp.] States of the following East-State time zones: VT, ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, NY, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, WV, MI, OH, TO, KY, GA "

There are 11 categories of this type:

"Section B.5 Sub-CLIN: 85A"

"Section B.5 Sub-CLIN: 86A"

"Section B.6 Sub-CLIN: 84A"

"Section B.6 Sub-CLIN: 85A"

"Section B.6 Sub-CLIN: 86A"

"Section B.7 Sub-CLIN: 84A"

"Section B.7 Sub-CLIN: 85A"

"Section B.7 Sub-CLIN: 86A"

"Section B.8 Subclin: 84A"

"Section B.8 Sub-CLIN: 85A"

"Section B.8 Sub-CLIN: 86A"

Each of these eleven will receive 30,000 kilograms under the contract.

In each of the eleven, the products will go "From the Republic of Iraq to the United States [sp.] States of the following East-State time zones: VT, ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, NY, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, WV, MI, OH, TO, KY, GA "

That's a total of 330,000 kilograms. That's 727,525 pounds, or 364 tonnes, which goes from largest embassy in the world, America in Baghdad, in the states of eastern America.

In addition, about £ 1,091,287 pounds go from the Baghdad Embassy to other parts of the world.

The RFP, or RFP, informs the recipient that "the Contractor must provide the services for the base period of the contract", but that "base period" is not defined in the RFP. However, the contract specifies that there must be "a firm unit price for any contract line number in the base year". As a result, the obligations under any contract will be maintained for at least one year, but possibly longer (if renewed). . In addition, the "solicitation type" is not a "sealed offer" (IFB), but rather a "Negotiated (RFP)", which means that US government officials who "solicit" these offers will choose who ask to submit an offer. offer; and, if two or more recipients are approached and make an offer, the US manager will select the winner that he prefers and will not be forced to accept the cheapest, but may instead take some kind of backlash, as long as there is no proof of that. This can easily be arranged. In addition, private agreements bind both parties, even if it is a one-time agreement, because neither party will want the private agreement to be made public, and if it ever becomes public, both parties would be found guilty. ; it will hurt both parties. In addition, since any contract can be renewed, the offeror, who is the embassy employee, has the power to change this term – the duration of the contract and all that is there partner will be under the control of the embassy, ​​not next to the contractor. And no matter the duration of a contract, and regardless of the number of non-Americans who sign a particular type of contract during a given period, no private party will have any motive. to publicize a discount. Accordingly, there is every reason to keep these arrangements confidential; and the embassy employee will always be the most powerful private arrangements made with a contractor.

Previous requests for proposals are also online, for example that of November 16, 2014. The annual amounts seem to be fairly stable.

On October 10, 2007, while the US Embassy in Iraq was still under construction, the Congressional Research Service reported to Congress. "US Embassy in Iraq"and he said:

The US ambassador to Iraq (currently Ambassador Ryan Crocker) has full authority over the US presence in Iraq, with two exceptions: 1 – the military and security issues that are under the authority of General Patraeus, US Commander of the Multinational Force for Iraq (MNF-I), and 2 – staff working for international organizations.

In areas where diplomacy, military activities, and / or security activities overlap, the US Ambassador and Commander cooperate to provide equal authority over what is best suited to America. and his interests in Iraq.

By "Patraeus" it meant David Petraeus. He was the person who designed the torture system applied by his assistant James Steele and used in Iraq to extract prisoners all they knew of the assistance of Saddam Hussein at the 9/11 event. Petraeus then became a regular participant in the annual private and secret Bilderberg Group meetings representatives of billionaires from the United States and allied countries that make up The West's Deep State. Previously, Petraeus and Steele had organized and instituted in El Salvador the death squads of his government to eliminate opponents of American control over that country.

The most corrupt sectors of the US government usually belong to the military because the entire Department of Defense is not audited. On the contrary, it is financially a huge black hole, even to US senators and representatives, and even to the American president. Only Deep State members in the United States can get a rough idea of ​​how much money is "lost." After all, the deep state is not at all responsible to the public. As it works in secrecy, it can not be. However, the consequences of the deep state can become public and contradict what is shown by publicly available documents and public statements that have been disseminated to the public by the press. In any nation where a deep state reigns, such contradictions, between public affirmations and actual results, are so commonplace that it's hard to never be news at all, if and when they appear.

On July 2, 2017, the great investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva title "350 flights carry diplomatic weapons for terrorists"and provided documents on the CIA's complex global network, which "secretly sends $ 1 billion worth of weapons" through many countries to Syrian jihadists to overthrow the Syrian government. Iraq has been mentioned 6 times in the original publication of its article and is mentioned 9 times in the updated version of April 29, 2018. This covert supply of arms by the United States to jihadist groups to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and his secular, non-sectarian Baathist party is a secret operation, as are embassy operations. from Baghdad to the US State Department, and this embassy could even be the headquarters of the operation.

The 200 pages of December 2017, study, "Weapons of the Islamic State: a three-year investigation", by Conflict Armament Research Ltd., states in its conclusion:

IS forces, like most non-state armed groups, are acquiring large quantities of weapons and ammunition on the battlefield…. The evidence presented in this report, however, confirms that many of the group's weapons – including its ammunition – are newly manufactured and have been delivered to the region since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011. These weapons come from transfers by outside parties, including Saudi Arabia and the United States, to various Syrian opposition forces deployed against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Here are some of the details on which this summary passage is based and summarizes:

On pages 36 and 9, we read:

The CAR has documented and traced many weapons systems in use in the IS forces. Many of these come from shipments made to the US government or US government-owned entities. The United States has acknowledged its support for Syrian opposition forces, orchestrated mainly by the resupply of the Jordanian and Turkish territories. All shipments came from EU Member States; in most cases, US retransfer (US post-purchase exports) have violated the US End-User Certificate (EUC) clauses issued to US governments. # 39; EU. The United States signed these certificates prior to the transfer, stating that they were the sole end-user of the equipment and had committed not to retransfer the equipment without the prior consent of the supplier's government. It has not notified the relevant supplier States before [violating that, and] retransfer the material. …

On December 21, 2016, Jaysh al-Nasr, a faction of the Syrian armed opposition active in the governorate of Hama in Syria, published a series of photographs of his fighters29. In one of these, Jaysh al-Nasr's fighters use an ATGW30 9M111MB-1 with the same lot number and a serial number (365) close to that documented in Iraq (286). which suggests that they were both part of the same supply chain. …

In May 2015, Syrian YPG forces recovered a 40 mm PG-7T rocket from ISIS forces near Al Hasakah, Syria, where the CAR documented it on May 20 2015. The Bulgarian government confirmed that he had exported the object to the US Department of the Army. via the American company Kiesler Police Supply. The export license application was accompanied by the original CUE issued by the US Department of the Army (with a non-re-export clause) as well as a certificate of delivery verification. The item was exported on June 23, 2014.32 … CAR has still not received a response to a traceback request sent to the United States regarding these rockets.

Page 54 says:

Like the United States, Saudi Arabia has provided support to various factions of the Syrian conflict, including providing weapons. In collaboration with the Bulgarian authorities, the CAR has found many items deployed by ISIS forces for its initial exports from Bulgaria to Saudi Arabia. These transfers were uniformly subject to the non-retransfer clauses concluded between Saudi Arabia and the Bulgarian government prior to export. In this regard, the subsequent withdrawal of these weapons by Saudi Arabia is contrary to its commitment to the Bulgarian Government not to re-export the material in question without the prior consent of Bulgaria.

As in the case of the Baghdad embassy agreements with contractors, the most important part of any contract will be the part that the buyer pays (the buyer) and not the party that provides the service or the goods (the seller). Money still reigns.

The CAR report, published just a few months after Dilyana Gaytandzhieva's report, was entirely in line with his, and cut it broadly. The US and Saudi governments used not only al-Qaeda as the main agent in southwestern Syria to bring jihadist groups to overthrow the non-sectarian Syrian government, but also used the Islamic State group in north-eastern Syria. Syria to overthrow the Syrian government. After Entry of Russia into the war on September 30, 2015 on the side of the Syrian government, America's aid to Al Qaeda in Syria (Al Nusra) has been continued to help replace this government with a government that would be controlled by the Saudi government.. And US assistance to ISIS has been almost completely replaced by assistance to Syrian ethnocentric Kurds in the north-east, under the name Syrian Democratic Forces, which fought both the government and ISIS. Russia was of course opposed to al-Qaeda-led jihadists and ISIS jihadists. (Turkey was against ethnocentric Kurds, because these people wanted to take part of four nations: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. edited and written Wikipedia article on Kurdistan conveniently does not even take note of this key fact.) So: America used a complex combination to to take over Syria for the sauds finally to control. But the entry of Russia in the air war against Syria on September 30, 2015 has overcome this combination funded by the United States and Saudi Arabia against Syria.

Would a secret facility, anywhere in the world, be better placed than the Baghdad embassy to America to handle this operation on the American side?

So the question then arises: who benefits from this huge embassy and the deep state of which it is part? The American public certainly does not do it.

Generally, people who are paid to promote endless wars, such as sellers of receding constantly (propagandist) "the light at the end of the tunnel", support the continuation if not the intensification of such wars. The typical is the neoconservative (in foreign affairs) and the neoliberal (in home affairs) David Bradley, who controls and is the president of Atlantic Media, which publishes neo-neolib L & # 39; Atlanticand many other magazines and public affairs websites. Its "Defense One" website published on March 22, 2018 by its editor-in-chief, "The war in Iraq is not over, commanders explain why and what are the next steps""We must be very careful not to rush to the exit and get this victory," said the senior US military official. "It's a big win." The "senior US military official" was not identified except to say that he "spoke only of substance". But, of course, George W. Bush had already informed the world of this "victory" in 2003. The sellers continue their momentum; that's what they're paid to do and they never stop.

The only annual military costs, so that the United States continues to be, as their euphemistic propaganda says, a "policeman for the world" (as in the Syrian case, through these warriors on the ground, the jihadists , and the ethnocentrists among the Kurds of Syria) are actually sufficient, even alone, to cause the rise of the US federal debt – and this is not an advantage, but an extreme prejudice to the public. Future generations of Americans will pay the bill for that. And the costs of being "police for the world" are enormous. Even militarily, they exceed one trillion dollars each year.

Although the US Department of Defense's current budgets reach about $ 700 billion a year, the United States actually spends The army has nearly $ 1.2 trillion a year when all military expenditures in the country (such as retirements, paid by the Treasury and not by the Department of Defense) are taken into account.. The only people who benefit from the role of "police for the world" are the billionaires of the United States and (although to a lesser extent) of its allied countries. And of course, they pay their lobbyists and their propagandists. He is really a policeman for these billionaires, who own and control all the international companies whose headquarters are in this alliance. The American public does not pay the bill by any cash and carry basis; instead, future generations of Americans will pay the bill to American billionaires and today's allies. These billionaires are now the main beneficiaries. Everything is done for them and their aftermath. That's why the Founders of America did not want there to be a "standing army". They did not want that there was permanent war government. They only wanted the army for national defense – not for the protection or the "insurance policy" of a billionaire, nor for what could be paid in public and armed thugs in service overseas as if it was the armed forces of the nation – while they are actually the armed forces. armed forces for only these billionaires and their servants. The founders of America absolutely did not want the army to serve the aristocracy. They did not want any aristocracy at all. They did not want any "permanent army". They only wanted an army that protects the public, when there is a real military danger, from abroad, for the national public. Of course, this is only possible in a democracy, but the United States is not a democracy now, although it could have been in the past.

On December 11, 2017, Montana State University is titled MSU SCHOLARSHIPS FIND $ 21 TRILLION IN UN AUTHORIZED GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES; DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT TO CONDUCT FIRST AUDIT AUDIT, but the audit promised by the Pentagon did not succeed. A major accounting firm was hired for the task but soon resigned, saying the Defense Department books were too incomplete to continue. Three days before the publication of this article, a colleague of this MSU team said: Forbes, "Has our government spent $ 21 trillion of our money without telling us?" and said the answer was yes. All this "lost" money was spent solely by the Ministry of Defense. Just manage the over a thousand US military bases around the world requires a lot of money. All current war fights add to the cost of US military bases – the costs of war fighting are extra. These military bases, etc., constitute the "permanent army". Protecting the investments of our billionaires abroad and their access to raw materials in underdeveloped countries (such as the manufacture of mobile phones) is an extremely expensive operation. Basically, the American public subsidizes US billionaires enormously. But only future generations of Americans will pay this debt – not to mention, of course, the accumulated interest.

The Department of Defense is not the only federal department to have never been audited. On June 18, 2013, Luke Johnson and Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post were banned "GAO can not audit federal government, cites Department of Defense issues" and open: "The Government Accountability Office said Thursday that it could not carry out an audit of the federal government, pointing to serious problems with the Ministry of Defense. With the Pentagon, the GAO stated that the Department of Homeland Security had such significant problems that it was impossible for investigators to verify it. EDS has obtained a qualified audit for the 2012 financial year and wishes an unskilled audit for 2013. " However, on November 17, 2014, the Washington Post was titled "Homeland Security wins a flawless audit two years in a row"Jerry Markon said that "for the second year in a row, the Department of Homeland Security has conducted a highly researched self-audit of its financial statements by an independent auditor." In addition: "For most of its first decade of existence, DHS was unable to conduct a full audit because it was created by combining 22 federal agencies and components into one department. This has led to inherent challenges. That was not the situation in the Department of Defense, which was very different. On December 8, 2017, NPR was titled "Pentagon Announces First Defense Department Audit", and open: "The Department of Defense begins the first financial audit of its agency in its history," said the Pentagon press service. " However, almost as soon as the audit team started its work, she left it because the Department's books were unusable. Only the DOD is like that – almost completely corrupted.

On October 2, 2018, the censored project is titled "$ 21 trillion in unrecorded public spending from 1998 to 2015". However, he falsified. It opened: "Two federal government agencies, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), may have accumulated up to $ 21 trillion in undocumented expenditures between 1998 and 2015. " was 100% DOD. And all "the alleged irregularities in DoD's and HUD's expenses" were not simply "alleged", but they were in fact carefully checked and verified on several occasions, and were only at DOD, despite what Project Censored has published. This inaccuracy is important. If people do not know that the DOD is the only unverified federal department, so they can not understand Why that's the case. The reason is that almost all "waste, fraud and abuse" within the US federal government is at the Department of Defense. This has never been auditable. How much does the US media report this reality?

DOD is still, year after year, and decade after decade, the function of the federal government or the federal or local governments, that Gallup's polls have proven to be more respected than any other by the American public. (He is identified here as "The military". It beats, for example: "The Supreme Court," "Congress," "Public Schools," "The Presidency," "The Police," and "The Criminal Justice System.") The most corrupt are not the most despised . ; it's the opposite – it's the most respected.

A secret government tends to be expensive for taxpayers and adds a lot to the public debt. An unauditable government department, such as the Department of Defense, can not function at all without huge corruption. This is the reality of the US military. However, there is a lot of propaganda that contradicts it. The news media also serve these same billionaires.

So what is the probability that the American embassy in Baghdad will serve the American public? It certainly does not serve the Iraqi public. But it serves the people – whoever they are – who control the US government. And that's the deep state. This is the reality, but what is promoted is fantasyland. And this fantasyland, which is promoted, is calling "American Democracy". Il suffit de demander à Big Brother et il vous dira tout à ce sujet. Il fait toujours.