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OTC contraceptives now free for Washingtonians with confidence •

Now free in all network pharmacies. Always free in all the gay bars of the network.

Now free in all network pharmacies. Always free in all the gay bars of the network. Chris Jackson / GETTY IMAGES

After six years of maddening republican obstructionism in Olympia, the Law on Parity of Reproduction past the last session. Much of the discussion around the bill focused on the demanding part that all insurers covering maternity care also cover abortion. And rightly so. This provision expanded access to abortion for more Washingtonians, giving more women control over their damn choices in reproductive health. But the bill also included preventative care measures that did not do as much about you.

Namely: As of January 1, 2019, all Washingtonians taking out state-regulated insurance can now obtain free contraceptives at their network pharmacies. Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. These contraceptives include "condoms, spermicides, emergency contraceptives and sponges".

So, if you're not part of Medicaid and you're not working for a mega-self-insured company, you can just wander through a Walgreens (or a Rite Aid, or whatever pharmacy in your network), walk up to at the pharmacy counter and ask for Plan B, condoms or another "sponge" is, and they will give it to you for freeeeeee at the point of service.

You can also get sterilized or have a vasectomy done for free. No copays and no franchise. You can simply enter your doctor's office and get cut!

In an email, a CIC representative told me that some insurers were trying to figure out how to proceed with the refund if you had bought the contraceptives mentioned above or if you had been caught since January 1 of this year . You can find more information about this in your benefit booklet, which will also give you all the instructions you need to get the contraceptives.

If you have any problems accessing this information, the Insurance Commissioner of Washington wants to know. You can file a complaint online or call 1-800-562-6900 if someone gives you the business.

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