Aegon Life Insurance, digital card, e-card, online transaction, life insurance claims, contact details, news, news, latest news, life insurance, latest trends in life insurance , long-term plans, protection needs, The main reason life insurance is not claimed is because candidates are not aware of the policy. Recent data indicate that at least 41% of claims have been made six months after the death of the insured.

To receive the insurance amount, after the death of the policyholder, the family or the nominee must follow the prescribed procedure. It is a job that takes a lot of time and also takes a lot of documentation. Various reports suggest that many people, including the proposed candidates, are not even aware of the life insurance policies held by a family member, because of which claims for compensation are not even not presented and the amount not claimed.

Vineet Arora, CEO of Aegon Life Insurance, says: "One of the main reasons why the amount is not claimed is because the candidate does not know the policy. This means that candidates should not inform the company on time or worse, at all. According to recent industry data, at least 41% of claims have been made six months after the death of the insured.

To bridge this gap and offer innovative, consumer-oriented digital insurance products and services, Aegon Life Insurance recently launched an "I Owe You" e-card. It's a digital card through which you can keep your candidates informed of all your insurance policies. Arora of Aegon Life Insurance adds, "This initiative will make it easier for anyone to quickly provide a way to share the details of the policy with their nominees. & # 39; I Owe You & # 39; is an editable electronic card containing the policies of the insured, as well as his name of scheme, the sum insured, the name of the runner and the sum of the insured runner, if any, as well as the number of the service provider. ;assistance. "This e-map is an editable map that you can create, download and share with your candidate for easy referencing in times of uncertainty.

Advantages and characteristics of this card:

  • To use the benefits of this card, you do not have to be a customer of Aegon Life; Anyone can enjoy this facility.
  • This is an OTP-verified e-card that you can share with the candidate so that you can easily refer to it at the time of the claim, if applicable.
  • Policyholders can also personalize this card with a photo and message for your loved ones.
  • There is also an integrated option for updating the details of the candidate. However, this feature is reserved for Aegon Life customers.
  • You can also download the latest map to share with your nominees via WhatsApp or share a link on an email. There is also the option included for the candidate if he / she wants to invest more.

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