Is a man accused of strangling his parents and burning his home made for the insurance money?


The details of a warrant arrest could explain why a man allegedly strangled his mother and stepfather until death and set fire to their Northwestern Atlanta home. in July 2018: money insurance.

The affidavit, obtained by Channel 2 Action News, indicates that Keith Sylvester, who faces two counts of murder for murder related to the death of the couple, was the only beneficiary of his mother's policy.

Deborah and Harry Hubband (Photo: Channel 2 Action News)

Sylvester, 47, was arrested nearly six months after Deborah, 65, died on July 3, and 67-year-old Harry Hubband had reported They were strangled in their burning house on Harvel Drive. The couple had left Buffalo, New York, less than a year before their death.

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The detectives spoke to Sylvester, Deborah's eldest son, but the warrant revealed that several family members had concerns about him, including his brother.

"It just baffled me. I do not understand, "Willie Jenkins Jr., Sylvester's younger brother, told Channel 2." I have a lot of questions to ask him because he was involved in the investigation. "

According to the warrant, Sylvester was the only one to have access to the keys of the house where the firefighters found the couple. All doors were locked and there was no sign of forced entry.

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He also bought moth balls, candles and alcohol to burn, which could have been used to light the fire, according to the affidavit.

Sylvester spoke at Channel 2 in the morning of the fire and he said he had passed near the house to check his ice cream van parked in the driveway. He also stated that he had a camera embedded in his vehicle and he handed the SD card with footage to the fire captain prior to his arrest.

According to the warrant, a neighbor called Sylvester to tell him that his mother's house was on fire, but he would never have called his mother's phone to find out if she was fine. The video of his vehicle would also show him by car to return home quietly.

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"And as I told him," You drove by when that was happening. Why did not you hit? Jenkins told the chain. "Something did not happen with me at the same time."

Sylvester also reportedly cheated on a vocal stress test, according to the affidavit. The paper concludes by saying "Keith Sylvester is the only person with the motive, the opportunity and the ability to have committed this crime."

He remains at Fulton County Jail without commitment. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.

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