Abortionists go to bat for insurance companies

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January 10, 2019 at 3:15 pm

One of the most important abortion lobbyists in the country is asking the Trump administration not to overburden insurance companies with new Obamacare regulations.

The National Federation of Abortion urged the Department of Health and Human Services to reject a proposal that would require insurers of health care awards to maintain separate funds for abortion coverage and to send consumers two invoices a month. He argued that the separation of funds specifically intended for abortion coverage "will be a heavy burden for insurers and a source of confusion for consumers". The group was concerned that this rule would lead insurers to waive the abortion guarantee because of the extra effort involved in processing two bill payments.

"Private insurance coverage for abortion is essential to make abortion care affordable for those who seek it, and any effort to make it more difficult for private insurers to provide care is an implicit attempt to prevent access to such care, "said NAF in a public statement commentary submitted to the agency. "Insurance companies would therefore be financially discouraged to include abortion-related care among their covered benefits."

The agency announced the proposal in November, stating that "some of the methods of billing and collection of separate payment for non-Hyde abortion services, deemed acceptable … do not adequately reflect what we consider as a congressional intent that the [insurance] "Issuer Bill" Separately for Abortion Coverage While the Hyde Amendment Prohibits the Use of Taxpayer Funds to Pay for Voluntary Abortion, Several States Allowed Insurers involved in Obamacare exchanges to cover the practice.The draft rule requires that members of these schemes pay One dollar a month in a separate fund designed specifically for abortion, which should also send two payments to their insurer each month instead of just one bonus payment.

"We intend to make changes to the free registration system for the year of the 2019 Plan to ensure that the minimum premium amount of $ 1 per person registered per month. all non-Hyde abortion coverage plan registrations, so that issuers can collect this amount separately from consumers directly for the portion of the total premium attributable to the service coverage of the plan. Abortion, "Hyde" proposal said. "Issuers will have to send a separate invoice and ask the registrants to send a separate payment."

The agency said in its announcement that the rule would entail additional costs for insurance companies, indicating the "separate postal" stamp required to send two letters.

Acting NAF President Katherine Hancock Ragsdale said abortion should be treated on an equal footing with other health care treatments. Ragsdale, who is also an episcopal minister, said abortion is already too expensive for some women.

"Anti-abortion politicians are trying to distinguish abortion care from other forms of health care to make it less accessible," she said in a statement. "People want their health insurance to be easier to use and cover more care, not less."

Pro-life groups have welcomed the rule. Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles Project, said it was "logical" to create a separate billing system to allow consumers to be transparent and ensure no taxpayer money is used to pay for abortions.

"It offers Americans more transparency, by allowing them to better understand the price of their health insurance plans and by further aligning the practices of insurance providers with those of the law in Obamacare – which Democrats should theoretically have no difficulty in supporting, "Schilling said. "This is another example of how radical the Left's vision of abortion has become."

The deadline for public comment has expired on January 8 and the agency is reviewing them before codifying the final rule.