Washington Governor pushes public health insurance throughout the state


The governor of Washington and the mayor of New York City on Tuesday unveiled major initiatives to expand health insurance coverage, the latest initiatives taken by key Democratic leaders to tackle Trump administration health policies preventing people from getting the care they need.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a presidential candidate, has proposed a public health insurance option for state residents not covered by private employers and the purchase of off-market insurance created by health care of former President Barack Obama.

"We need to write another chapter of health care reform," said Inslee, who did not provide any details on how the program would be funded.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, also seen as a presidential candidate in 2020, revealed a $ 100 million a year plan to extend health care coverage to those who lack it, including including illegal immigrants in the United States.

A day earlier, California governor Gavin Newsom had offered 138,000 illegally settled youths in the country health coverage covering health care. .

The efforts in the Liberal bastions focus on President Donald Trump's efforts to reverse his predecessor's signature law and is a step toward universal health care, as some Democrats have called for. Health care was a top priority for voters in the November elections, especially for those who voted for democracy.

In Washington, Inslee included $ 500,000 in its latest budget proposal to begin work on the national Cascade Care program. It is intended to help low – income people who are not eligible for federal assistance to obtain coverage by 2021.

The program would be administered by the Washington State Health Care Authority, the same agency in charge of the state Medicaid system and the insurance program for state employees.

A measure expected during the legislative session that begins next week would encourage the public body to solicit proposals for contracts from insurers. Inslee said the reimbursement rates would be in accordance with federal Medicare plans.

The Insurance Commissioner in Washington, Mike Kreidler, said that the administration of President Donald Trump had set "real obstacles" for access to health care and that, if the public option of the state was approved, it would not need the approval of the federal government.

The Trump administration announced in July that it would freeze payments as part of an "Obamacare" program that protects insurers whose patients are sicker from financial losses, which should increase premiums .

According to Inslee, 14 counties in the state of Washington are at risk of losing access to individual health insurance options. Rising costs are causing some insurers to abandon the market in predominantly rural counties.

The Economic Opportunity Institute announced that more than 43,000 people had dropped their health insurance last year in Washington.

Officials do not hire the state's money to subsidize Inslee's program, but suggest that premiums paid by consumers will support it. Insurers and health care providers who participate in the program will also likely be in a hurry.

Washington previously had a version of this type of health coverage, but it was removed during the Great Recession because it was heavily subsidized by the state.

State representative Joe Schmick, a Republican, expressed skepticism that Inslee's proposal could be completed without additional tax or health insurance costs.

"Mark my words, it will cause a lot more money to people, period.