Written by Emma R. via VoE,

Head of the online hate speech monitoring group "Näthatsgranskaren" Tomas Åberg receives tax funds for mass reporters and others who write critically about Facebook migration.

And now, he says that his reports to the police have resulted in nearly 150 convictions for hate speech.

"1,218 police reports 2017-2018. 144 sentences of hate speech, out of 214 notifications. Many are waiting for prosecution! "Writes" Näthatsgranskaren "(Online Hate Speech Monitor) on Twitter.

1 218 polisanmälningar 2017-2018.
144 purchases, from 214. Många väntar på åtal!
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– Näthatsgranskaren.se (@Nathatgranskare) January 1, 2019

The group also states that its State-funded operations have increased the number of convictions for hate speech by ten in Sweden, reports Fria Tider.

During the year, they "continued their research, collaborated and gave lectures, including on the Council of Europe's conference on online hate speech," they said.

The MUCF authority, which funds left-wing extremist organizations such as the Expo, has so far donated a little over 150,000 euros in contributions to the online hate speech watchers.

The group is led by Tomas Åberg, who a few years ago was the subject of an investigation for animal cruelty but escaped the charges by avoiding being served trial.

Most of the MUCF's contribution is used to pay his salary.

Last spring, Åberg was nominated for the Swedish Hero Award by one of Sweden's leading newspapers, Aftonbladet.

However, the candidacy was withdrawn when it was discovered that he had tortured to death his own animals.

The fact that the event "Swedish Hero" was sponsored by the pet insurance company Agria probably played a role in the decision to disqualify him.