More and more farmers are taking out insurance for their livestock.

In a region increasingly dependent on dairy farming, farmers are increasingly providing livestock for disease and death.
Some, like Joseph Murungi, do it after painful losses.
Mr. Murungi, who has a stock of eight dairy cows, lost one of his most productive cows a few months ago. He reported a daily income of more than 1,000 shillings.

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The farmer realized that it was economically logical to buy insurance for the remaining stock.
"When my cow died, my wife and I were inconsolable. It was a good cow and produced more than 30 liters a day. We sold a liter to Sh35. It was worth at least 150,000 shillings, so you can imagine our pain when she died, "said Murungi.
Death convinced him, as well as several dairy farmers, to insure their herds. Insurance brokers have said that livestock coverage, a concept so strange for farmers in the region, was catching up.
"For as little as Sh800 a month, a farmer can be compensated for the loss of a mature dairy cow," said Henry Kinyua of Meru's subsidiary of Hawk Bay Insurance Brokers.
The company has been at the forefront of concept sales in the region. The premium is calculated by certified veterinarians who determine the value of each animal.

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"Even if at first it was difficult to convince some, many take it after weighing the risks. Some have already lost livestock. No farmer wants to lose a cow or bull value, say 200,000 shillings, "Kinyua said.
The company also offers insurance for coffee and tea crops, but so far, livestock insurance is proving to be the most popular.
"We compensate the breeders in case of theft and illness. We have done a lot of quotes from different parts of Meru regarding livestock insurance and flower farms in the Timau area, "said general manager of the company, Sam Ncheeri.
He added that farmers who had taken out agricultural insurance were on the front line to promote it in the region.
"While we offer general insurance, health care, life and retirement insurance, and marine and aviation activities, we are pleased to see that farm insurance is taking root. Most of those we meet do not know much about insurance, but they adopt it quickly once we provide them with information. "

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