Washington Governor pushes public health insurance throughout the state


SEATTLE (AP) – Washington governor and presidential candidate Jay Inslee on Tuesday proposed a public health insurance option for state residents, the latest action by a governor Democrat to respond to the Trump administration 's health policies that prevent people from getting the care they need.

Inslee said it would ask legislators to consider a plan that would order the Washington State Health Care Authority to offer public health insurance to anyone in the market who would not be covered by their employers. Inslee said the reimbursement rates would be in accordance with federal Medicare plans.

Inslee's move comes a day after California governor Gavin Newsom proposed to 138,000 young people living in the country illegally a state-funded health care coverage and restoring the mandate of each one. to buy insurance or pay a fine, according to the right of former President Barack Obama. that Congressional Republicans eliminated last year.

According to Inslee, 14 counties in Washington risk losing access to individual health insurance options. Rising costs are causing some insurers to abandon the individual market in predominantly rural counties.

"We are on the edge of the knife," he told reporters.

The Washington Insurance Commission, Mike Kreidler, said the administration of President Donald Trump had put in place "real obstacles" for access to health care.

The Trump administration announced in July that it would freeze payments under the "Obamacare" program, which protects insurers whose patients are sicker from financial losses, which should increase premiums.

Proponents of Inslee's plan did not immediately reveal cost estimates for the proposal, but the governor said, "We need to write another chapter of health care reform."

State Sen. David Frockt, a Democrat from Seattle, said he would sponsor legislation for a public option.

"The Trump administration has done everything in its power to undermine progress on health care coverage in Washington," Frockt said in a statement.

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